Test benches: Individual design for maximum performance

Our objective is to support OEMs and suppliers throughout the entire development process, including the HIL phase. At this stage, all components must be put through their paces to ensure they function perfectly when they are needed. You already have a test bench solution on your premises? We make it possible to perform virtual test runs at your own site thanks to a diverse range of different interfaces. Or maybe you require a test bench that is tailored to your needs? We can offer you the perfect combination of hardware and software: Take advantage of our customized test benches for your systems, from consultation during the design phase through to expert commissioning.

Working together with you, we will select the right solution for testing your actuator and sensor technology as efficiently as possible. Here, our numerous test bench configurations offer you solutions that provide excellent support even at advanced functionality levels, regardless of how complex your systems are. Our products also allow you to easily test components that have already been developed into mechanical parts.

Your benefits with our systems: With us, all test bench components come from a single source. These are either manufactured to our specifications or selected to meet our stringent criteria. This gives you hardware that is capable of functioning in real time and is set apart by individually developed control systems that enable short latencies. The perfect interaction of components offers a key advantage for you: Your testing will be more dynamic than ever before with virtual test driving on a test bench.

Our answer is not merely to provide you with a test bench, rather we see ourselves as a solutions provider. Alongside software environments and powerful real-time hardware, our product range also comprises mechanical components. Our portfolio is complemented by our Engineering Services that is tailored to the system you wish to test.

Steering-in-the-Loop test bench

Pull in the right direction in all driving situations

Achieve outstanding test results with one of the most powerful steering system test benches on the market. This will allow you to boost efficiency during tuning, testing and validation of real-world steering system components. 

Electrical steering systems in particular, from the steering rod to the steering wheel, can be fully tested even before the real whole vehicle has been produced. This is because by combining hardware components that have real-time capability with the CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker open integration and test platforms, you are able to test steering functions in terms of vehicle dynamics and ADAS more comprehensively and more efficiently than ever before.

The features and benefits of our Steering-in-the-Loop Test Bench include:

  • Easy implementation of even complex closed-loop maneuvers thanks to short latencies
  • Automated driving function tests enabled by simple integration of electrical steering system components
  • Conclusive test results due to excellent force resolution right up to physical limits
  • Fast, precise control on account of two electrical linear actuators

Use the
Steering-in-the-Loop Test Bench to develop your own individual systems:

EPS test bench

Small but powerful – the compact solution for the integration of virtual test driving

Want to test steering but not in the entire system network? Then our EPS test bench is just what you need! This compact solution for testing EPS functions requires only a basic level of equipment, yet allows you to perform a wide range of functionality tests on electric power steering systems. 

To do this, the EPS-ECU and the relevant engine are connected to a servomotor as real components. This generates the load cases calculated during simulation in real time, enabling you to play it safe where the operability of your steering systems is concerned.

The features and benefits of the EPS test bench include:

  • Individual application for various standard steering models from the CarMaker product family or for your own models
  • Optimized control for short latencies in common application scenarios
  • Dynamic restbus simulation (e.g. CAN) directly from CarMaker
  • Easily change the device under test (DUT) using mechanical adapters to optimize the process steps

Use the EPS test bench to develop your own individual systems:

  • Use fail-safe tests as a basis for developing your steering system
  • Perform comprehensive functionality tests for electric power steering systems
  • Conduct functionality tests as closed-loop tests if desired
Brake-in-the-Loop test bench
Brake in the loop, test bench

Always on the safe side with the right tests

Wondering how best to test your braking system? The answer: Use our Brake-in-the-Loop test bench! This configuration is particularly suitable for developing and validating complete braking systems, even those with hydraulic components. Real electronic stability controllers and ESC sub-functions, such as electronic parking brakes (EPB), are integrated for this purpose. 

All mechanical components are included here as an extension of standard HIL systems, allowing you to assess the components under review as they interact with the full hydraulic braking system. In terms of safety, you are therefore ideally prepared for integrating braking systems that have been comprehensively tested on test benches into your production vehicles.

Take advantage of the following features and benefits of the Brake-in-the-Loop test bench:

  • Conduct performance tests on the full brake hydraulics system and ESC controller in interaction with a whole virtual vehicle, including a virtual driver
  • Investigate critical situations and driving maneuvers thanks to a high level of system dynamics
  • Run customizable, realistic closed-loop tests with the entire real braking system
  • Perform real braking maneuvers thanks to realistic use of the brake pedal by the virtual driver

Use the Brake-in-the-Loop test bench to develop your own individual systems:

  • Optimize braking systems with failsafe, functionality and performance tests
  • Conduct comprehensive testing on ESC and EPB systems to see how they behave in different test scenarios
  • Assess innovative control systems at an early stage for optimum use in real vehicle prototypes

Our Steering-in-the-Loop Test Bench

Functionalities and applications in a nutshell

Get the gist of our Steering-in-the-Loop Test Bench in just three minutes! Find out about

  • the best way to test steering systems
  • the advantages of the test bench coupled with CarMaker and
  • how to profit from reproducible, real-time capable and automated testing!

Find more information here.

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