Automotive, aerospace, railway or industrial automation – our customizable hardware solutions support our customers at every stage of their project. With the modular Xpack4 system, Video Interface Box X and Fail Safe Tester we offer our customers hardware components and systems suitable for every development requirement. In addition, the RealtimeMaker serves as a generic integration platform to integrate individual software and self-developed models for subsequent testing on the real-time hardware.

Xpack 4 realtime hardware


The powerful, flexible and modular Xpack4 system is available for mobile as well as stationary use. Different modules, carrier boards and housings make it easy to assemble an individual hardware platform. When building tests systems, we rely on standard industrial components but also on our many years of expertise. This enables us to offer an extensive portfolio of I/O-modules, bus interfaces and measurement modules.

Video Interface Box X

Feeding images directly into a standard camera control unit using our Video Interface Box X (VIB X) facilitates the real closed-loop testing of the ECU. During tests of ADAS on simulation test benches, a lack of synchronization between image generation on the monitor and image capturing of the camera can result in “torn” images. At the same time, digital flat screens are too dim and weakly contrasted to be able to supply input data for lighting assistance functions. The Video Interface Box X offers a solution: The video data can be transformed into any format and injected into the real ECU with minimal delay.

Video Interface Box X front
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The SensInject platform enables to feed raw camera sensor data with 4K and higher resolutions into ECUs and to integrate radar and lidar data into test processes. The consideration of a variety of data sources allows to test and validate a wide range of ADAS functions. Development and testing of autonomous vehicles under lab conditions is also supported by SensInject.


SensCompute speeds up virtual test driving by easily extending the computing power of the PC used for simulation. This allows to integrate a multitude of additional sensors into vehicle development processes.


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Fail Safe Tester Modul Slots

Fail Safe Tester

The Fail Safe Tester simulates electrical faults, such as broken cables or corroded plug connectors, in a controlled and reproducible way. It also allows users to observe the behavior of the device under test. Signal paths between the control unit and the periphery can thereby be manipulated in various ways and combinations with the Fail Safe Tester.


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