SensCompute zur leistungsstarken Simulation zahlreicher RSI-Sensoren

Powerful simulation of multiple sensors

SensCompute for a powerful simulation of multiple RSI sensors

Due to the soaring number of various ADAS functions and increasing automation level of vehicles, the number and diversity of required sensors increases as well. The more sensors are included in the simulation-based test process, the more complicated it becomes. Utilizing multiple sensors in virtual test driving requires an enormous computing power and drives up the time effort in test processes.

In future, SensCompute will allow you to include a wide range of additional vehicle sensors in the test process, simply by extending the performance of your host PC. The high-end hardware solution speeds up calculations of computationally intensive test runs in CarMaker with multiple physical sensor models in use. SensCompute can effortlessly be integrated into existing technical setups and scaled as required.


  • Test and validation of any ADAS functions
  • Development and test of autonomous driving functions

Your benefits at a glance

Integration of multiple physical sensor models

Speeding up computationally intensive test runs with dedicated hardware

Modularization of computing power

Addition of SensCompute systems possible

Seamless integration into test processes

Easy addition to the existing technical setup

Time saving during start-up

Quick integration through fully configured units

SensCompute is expected to be available from October 2022.


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