Additional areas of application

Future powertrain technologies or highly automated systems: Our simulation platform can be adapted to individual use cases to be able to keep up with constant innovations. No matter what the concepts for new generations of vehicles look like – we offer comprehensive and seamless solutions. For decades, we have been shaping different visions of the future of mobility. In this context, we offer our customers a variety of solutions for their specific application in the fields of heavy-duty vehicles, agricultural and construction machines or special vehicles.


Off-highway vehicles are top performers. They are able to maneuver in complex environments, to carry heavy loads or to move countless cubic meters of soil while working with the highest precision and with an increasing degree of automation. In parallel, the requirements concerning environmental sustainability, fuel consumption, comfort and ease of use are rising. More and more work processes are performed with autonomous and self-driving vehicles. Testing these functions early on is a challenge – but it is absolutely necessary to achieve maximum safety and the best efficiency. With a virtual prototype, the vehicle with its trailer or attachment can be tested automatically and the processes of vehicle development can be improved. This leads to reproducible and reliable results.

Your benefits at a glance

Early test of functions

Via a prototype based on vehicle data and models, systems can be analyzed seamlessly in virtual test driving.

Easy integration

Different interface models of components or systems can easily be integrated from other modelling environments such as Simulink, Dymola, GT, AVL CRUISE or C code.

Exact representation of scenarios

Defined application scenarios for hardware-in-the-loop or software-in-the-loop are accurately executed – from agricultural machines, forklifts and construction machines to heavy duty and special vehicles.

Extensive possibilities for comparison

A virtual benchmark allows to compare driveability, consumption and emission of pollutants of the powertrain in different vehicles and operating strategies.

High flexibility and variability

Plenty of options for modeling and simulation of e.g. special off-road routes and tires, complex environments, ground unevenness, attachments, etc.


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