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Hardware-in-the-loop tests are an important milestone on the way to a series production vehicle. It is often the case that whole vehicle prototypes are not available in sufficient numbers for extensive testing, although individual vehicle components have already been developed and are ready for testing. The solution: HIL tests with real subsystems. This allows you to further optimize your functions and rectify any potential errors at an early stage. Combined with virtual test driving, all conceivable scenarios can thus be tested early on. The range of applications is broad – from classic vehicle dynamics test systems, to systems for ADAS, to test benches in the area of powertrain.

Every system poses its own challenges during testing – and we supply you with the solutions. So what are the features of our HIL systems? The answer: We offer turnkey solutions which are individually tailored to your requirements. With our unique package of software and hardware as well as engineering services, we provide support for all aspects of the systems. Our many years of experience, extensive technical expertise and the state-of-the-art technology of our test systems form the foundation for you to perform successful tests during the HIL phase!

Test Systems: a unique package of software, hardware and engineering services, we provide support for all aspects of the systems

What sets our systems apart:

There is not only one but several reasons for the great performance of our systems. And we want to convince you of each of them. So read on and find out about six unbeatable reasons for choosing a test system by IPG Automotive. Because with us you get the winning combination of the ideal test system and our considerable expertise

Turnkey solutions with all components from a single source

The right test system should be as unique as your subsystem. For this reason, we assemble a system tailor-made for you – featuring established and high-performance hardware modules coupled with extensive engineering knowledge. Combined with the CarMaker open integration and test platform, you have an ideally configured test system at your disposal. It would be our pleasure to continue to provide support once your system is in operation.

But the choice is yours – further services are optional, although they have proved worthwhile for many clients on the strength of our many years of expertise in a range of application areas. We would be delighted to take care of the system construction – parameterizing the test system and continuing to work with it is usually left entirely in the hands of the client.

Flexibility of the systems

To supply you with the best possible solution, we place great emphasis on flexible systems which are easy to adapt. Our systems are modular, scalable and expandable, which allows us to offer both standardized as well as individual solutions – ideally suited to your requirements. Our solutions are based on our product spectrum ranging from Xpack4 systems and the Fail Safe Tester to high-quality actuator technology and the CarMaker/HIL simulation environment. In addition to this, we collaborate with skilled partners from test bench and systems engineering, pooling our expertise to offer you the very best.

High-performance, real-time capable hardware modules

Tried and tested high-performance industry components are at the heart of our test systems. Our hardware engineers have optimized several standard components in order to further improve the performance and real-time capability of our test systems. In addition to this, we have developed our own modules, so that test system solutions can be customized even further in order to meet very specific requirements.


High-performance Fail Safe Tester concept

The Fail Safe Tester is one of our concept’s high-performance components. It allows you to simulate all manner of electrical faults, including cable breaks, loose contacts, losses of contact (e.g. through corrosion), short-circuits (to ground or between two phases) and resistances (e.g. with leakage currents). Faults can very easily be triggered by events – in a fast and reproducible manner. Faults and the fault sequence can be activated automatically using CarMaker and your complete test configuration can be used again.


Closed-loop capability in combination with CarMaker

When Xpack4 technology is combined with the CarMaker simulation environment, its advantages become even clearer. Both solutions are perfectly coordinated - allowing us to offer you optimal support. Thanks to the full CarMaker functionality in the HIL systems, you can utilize virtual test driving during the entire development process.

A clear advantage of using this combination in the HIL phase: All models and model libraries in CarMaker were developed and optimized with real-time capability in mind, making it possible to perform closed-loop testing on your HIL system using CarMaker.

Easily exchange software modules and hardware components

A high-performance tool within CarMaker is on hand with the Model Manager. It allows you to switch between various models or modify parameters easily, without needing to create a new compilation and reload it onto the hardware – you make the change and then you can immediately continue working. This enables you to exchange software models and hardware components on the fly, allowing you to choose between different hardware configurations in Test Manager.


Overview of our test systems products 

Discover for yourself which test system is most suited for your work:


Test benches

HIL systems

VIL systems

Driving simulators

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