Getting started with CarMaker

Training courses at user level

CarMaker User Training

CarMaker User Training

This course is ideal for users who are new to working with the simulation solutions of the CarMaker product family (CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker) or applying them in new contexts. We will provide a detailed overview of the functions of the simulation environment and guide you through the first steps. The basics taught in this course can be applied to the use of CarMaker as well as TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker.

Requirements: None

Duration: 2 days

Target audience: Engineers in the fields of vehicle simulation, ECU development and validation, development of control algorithms and system integration for the following areas of application:

  • Vehicle dynamics
  • ADAS
  • Powertrain simulation

Course outline:

  • Introduction to the simulation software CarMaker
  • Visualization with IPGMovie
  • Data analysis with IPGControl and post-processing
  • Scenario generation for virtual test driving
  • Introduction to the driver model IPGDriver
  • Introduction to vehicle model parameterization
  • Test automation basics with CarMaker
  • Controller development with CarMaker: CarMaker for Simulink
  • CarMaker as an integration platform: Getting acquainted with model integration options in CarMaker (FMU, Simulink Coder Interface, and more)
  • Other elements and properties of CarMaker


  • Learning the basics of using CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker
  • Understanding the main functions
  • Gaining experience in using the simulation software
CarMaker / HIL Add-on

CarMaker/HIL Add-On

This course complements the CarMaker User Training and covers hardware-in-the-loop specific content, in particular the additional components and specific features of CarMaker/HIL. The course comprises two modules: While the first module gives general information on HIL simulation and additional components in CarMaker, the second module focuses on specific issues in the use of different hardware architectures. Please specify in advance for which architecture you require training (Xpack4, dSPACE SCALEXIO or National Instruments PXI).


  • Basics in C programming are preferable
  • Knowledge of CarMaker is an asset

Duration: 1 day

Target audience: Engineers in the fields of ECU development and validation as well as hardware-in-the-loop simulation


Course outline:

  • Overview of CarMaker/HIL and real-time simulation
  • Introduction to the Xpack4 architecture
  • Use of CarMaker on a HIL test bench
  • I/O configuration of different bus systems and restbus simulation using the I/O Configurator
  • Generation of electrical faults using the Fail Safe Tester
  • ECU diagnosis


  • Configuring real-time systems
  • Generating a restbus simulation using CarMaker
  • Running HIL simulations using CarMaker