TECH TALK with our experts

You want to speed up your function or vehicle development process? Then have a look at our new video series TECH TALK! We are presenting our solutions for increased speed and efficiency in development processes. The videos contain product demonstrations and interviews with our experts. They are providing insights into our software and hardware solutions as well as into our test systems, and they offer support to master the challenges that you are currently facing.


How to scale up your simulation

Expert talk with Jannik Müller

In the past years, the topic of simulation scalability has gained momentum. Millions of test kilometers are required to validate systems. This means that virtual test scenarios have to be generated and simulated in a shorter time. Highly automated processes, High Performance Computing and parallelization have therefore become indispensable in vehicle development. In this video, our expert presents three different user groups, and demonstrates how they can solve the challenges they are currently facing in their areas of application. 

How to generate scenarios with automated processes

Expert talk with Alexander Frings

When developing autonomous driving functions, numerous scenarios have to be generated because it is the only way to increase the safety of the system. Manual approaches, such as the use of an editor, are time-consuming and do not fulfill the requirements of current vehicle development. Automated processes, however, offer the possibility to use the data on which the virtual test run is based much more efficiently. One option is “ScenarioRRR”.

Our expert for scenario generation will show you how to use this toolbox to efficiently generate and adapt scenarios in order to create variations.