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Updating the mioutil utility application on Xpack4


How can I update the Xpack4 utility application - mioutil ?


Login into the Customer area in the IPG Automotive website, navigate to Firmware-files. There you can download the latest mioutil version depending on the CarMaker version you require

Place the file in the installation directory of the required version of CarMaker which is booted in the Xpack4, "C:\IPG\carmaker\win64-10.0.1\xeno_rt\bin" along with the original mioutil file from that version. You can rename this file if you don't wish to replace the old utility application. Once the file is placed here and the Xpack4 is booted to this version, the RT-system will have access to this file.
Please login into the Xpack4 and execute the following command "chmod +x " from the folder in which the file is placed and then you can verify whether the mioutil has been updated by using the command mioutil -h which will display the version of mioutil being used.

Need technical support?
  • Date: 05.12.2021
  • Product: CarMaker/HIL
  • Version: 10.0
  • Component: Xpack4
  • Language: English


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