M416 – DSI3 Interface


  • 4 independent slave channels
  • 1 master channel
    -    external 3-2OV bus voltage
    -    external power phase voltage supply (optional, for Power Function Class)
  • Up to 15 sensors per channel
  • All channels galvanically isolated from each other and from system supply
  • Supported DSl3 Modes:
    -    Command Response Mode (CAM)
    -    Periodic Data Collection Mode (PDCM)
    -    Background Diagnostic Mode (BDM)
    -    Power Function Class Command Response Mode
    -    Discovery Mode Physical Address Assignmen
  • Listener Mode (Bus Analyzer)
  • Daisy Chain Bus Switch
  • Pre-programmable CRM Responses
  • Fully supported by the CarMaker M/O library