M412 – Ultrasonic Sensor Interface


  • Simulation of 6 ultrasonic sensors per module 
  • Frequency range: 25-100 kHz 
  • Distance resolution: 1us ~ 0.15mm 
  • Input sensitivity: 30mVpp 
  • 2 Simulation modes available:
    - Mode 1: Ultrasonic Mode - Module creates (cross-) echoes on ultrasonic signals of original sensor. In this mode the obstacle is simulated by the module 
    - Mode 2: Binary Mode - Module is connected to the control lines of the ECU. In this mode the behavior of the original sensor is emulated
  • Cross-echo emulation for up to 16 echoes per sensor 
  • Variably configurable protocol in binary mode 
  • Galvanic isolation between system ground and IOground for binary signal

Technical Data

  • 6 (transducer), 6 (binary)
Transducer output
  • +/-4V differential output voltage range 
  • +/-50mA output current 
  • 12 Bit output resolution
Transducer input
  • 0..12V input voltage range 
  • about 20mV input voltage treshold
Binary I/O
  • 0..30V voltage range 
  • 5V input voltage treshold
Sampling rate
  • 1MHz
Address space
  • A08D16 and A24D32
  • 25 pin SUBD receptacle connector , female

  • Emulating object- and cross echoes for testing complete parking assistance systems in HIL applications 
  • Emulating the digital sensor interface to test parking systems ECUs