Virtual benchmarking: Achieve your goals with confidence

The automotive systems engineering approach enables the early testing of systems within the context of complex system networks and within the whole vehicle. This is also the idea behind virtual benchmarking. Using a virtual prototype allows you to optimize your product at an early stage and steer the development process in accordance with your goals. There is no need to wait until the real vehicle or real components exist. Virtual prototypes make benchmarking possible in the design phase, meaning that you can be confident of reaching your goals right from the start. 

Virtual benchmarking helps you adjust a system to reflect the individual vehicle DNA of an OEM as closely as possible. For example, components from the areas of vehicle dynamics, steering, control systems and driver assistance can be optimized and brought in line with corresponding target curves. This method is also applied in the area of powertrain development, making it possible to test the acceleration behavior of an engine in the context of the whole vehicle, or the consumption – including emissions – of an existing engine in another vehicle series.

In addition, virtual benchmarking allows you to compare both the whole vehicle and individual components with those of your competitors at an early stage. An analysis of the differences between the behavior of your own system and that of a competitor can be used to derive development targets and ensure that you are not just matching your competitors – you are surpassing them!

We support you in virtual benchmarking in the following ways:

  • Do you have an issue that you would like to analyze by using a virtual benchmark? As part of our Engineering Services, we would be happy to perform a benchmark test for you.
  • With our Steering-in-the-Loop Test Benches, you are optimally prepared to carry out virtual benchmarking for steering development.
  • CarMaker’s flexible test bench connections make it easy to conduct virtual benchmarking in the area of powertrain development.
  • Optimal software forms the basis of every virtual benchmark.
  • Aiming for Euro NCAP stars? Use virtual benchmarking to predict your rating.

Consumer Test Rating Prediction

The vehicle ratings published by trade journals represent a particular application scenario for virtual benchmarking, ensuring that you will not be surprised by the results. You can simulate how the vehicle will perform in defined test scenarios such as slalom driving or double lane changes or how consumption will look for a specific test track. This makes it possible to predict the results of trade journal tests and react in advance, by adjusting vehicle development accordingly. Positive reports are guaranteed!

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Consumer test rating prediction: CarMaker at Opel (Apply & Innovate 2010)

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