Driving simulator for the Linde Safety Pilot at Linde Material Handling(KION Group)

Interview with Thorsten Pendzialek

In conversation with IPG Automotive, Thorsten Pendzialek of Linde Material Handling (KION Group) talks about the company’s driver assistant for forklifts. By adopting automated simulation-based testing with IPG Automotive’s CarMaker and Xpack4 solutions, they were able to address the skyrocketing requirements with regard to validation. Thanks to the openness of CarMaker, even component models from material handling equipment can be integrated into the simulation for realistic vehicle behavior.

Vertical integration of simulation environments and automated test suite at JLR

Interview with Ajay Sundhar Kumar

Ajay Sundhar Kumar, Lead Engineer Controls & Simulation (ADAS) at Jaguar Land Rover, describes the use of CarMaker for the validation of controller software for adaptive cruise control, emergency braking and forward collision warning systems. Capitalizing on the CarMaker and Simulink tool integration capabilities as well as Test Manager and Realtime Expressions in CarMaker, his team was able to fully automate their design verification tests.

Drive distraction detection and evaluation at ŠKODA

Interview with Andrei Aksjonov

Andrei Aksjonov gives insights into his work on drive distraction detection and evaluation using computational intelligence algorithms at ŠKODA. A collaborative research project with IPG Automotive focusing on cell phone usage as a secondary task yielded key findings for the design of human-machine interfaces in a vehicle’s cockpit.

Complete Vehicle Simulation of the Prototype Vehicle HOMER at MUAS

Interview with Robin Nedella and Timo Freilinger

Robin Nedella and Timo Freilinger of Hydro2Motion, a student team at Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS), talk about the development of a prototype vehicle that is fully powered with hydrogen with which they competed in Shell Eco-marathon 2018 in London. To precisely analyze the vehicle’s behavior on the track and determine the optimal driving strategy, they implemented a vehicle simulation using CarMaker.

Novel chassis concept for omnidirectional driving maneuvers at KIT

Interview with Chenlei Han

Chenlei Han of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) talks about a project focusing on the development of a novel chassis concept, the challenges the project team faced, and the decision to model the suspensions with wheel-individual steering systems using CarMaker.