Product extensions: Benefit from even greater performance

In addition to our CarMaker product family, we offer compatible product extensions to provide targeted support in specific areas. This allows you to focus even more expertise on the very areas required for your development process, enabling you to tailor your virtual test run even more exactly to the requirements of the application scenario at hand. 

Process-supporting solutions

KnC Data Converter: Easily incorporate measurement data into CarMaker

Have you already obtained measurement data by measuring your vehicle on the K&C test bench and would like to use these data to parameterize a virtual prototype in the CarMaker environment? The KnC Data Converter makes the automated transfer of measurement data on the kinematics and elasto-kinematics of your vehicle into CarMaker axle models quick and easy. A clearly laid out user interface enables you to import measurement data generated on MTS and Anthony Best Dynamics test benches, providing a convenient means of generating the correct parametrization for CarMaker from this data.

ADAMS Data Converter: Transfer vehicle models

With the ADAMS Data Converter, the data of the overall vehicle models constructed in Adams/Car can be easily transferred into CarMaker vehicle models. Even if the focus is on extracting the kinematic and elasto-kinematic characteristics of the vehicle’s axles, the converter still aims to create a complete virtual prototype. Once you have successfully converted your data from Adams/Car, you can use the newly created virtual prototype directly in CarMaker for virtual test driving. 

IPGKinematics: Perfect chassis kinematics

Do you specialize in developing suspension systems or in optimizing existing axle designs? Then we have the ideal solution for you in the form of our virtual K&C test bench IPGKinematics. With this software, you can simulate all common vehicle axles on the market and calculate the jounce-dependent kinematics and steering kinematics as well as the elasto-kinematics with absolute precision. We regularly make modifications to our comprehensive range of vehicle axles, and we can develop axle types or special models tailored to customer requirements upon request. All axle types are parameterized in detail as non-linear multibody systems and their properties, such as rigidity, damping or mass, can easily be modified. The results of your tests on our K&C virtual test bench can easily be analyzed and, if required, transferred at the click of a mouse into your CarMaker or TruckMaker axle model.

CarSim Data Converter: Migration made easy

Do you want to migrate from CarSim to CarMaker but still want to continue using your collection of vehicle data sets? The CarSim Data Converter automatically creates a counterpart for the CarMaker simulation environment based on the CarSim vehicle data sets. Benefit from all the additional CarMaker functions which you can then activate as required.

Detailed models for specific applications

MBS axles: Our additional package for targeted axle tests

You can use our range of detailed MBS axles with real-time capability for the CarMaker simulation environment to test different axle types effectively and at an early stage in a single tool. Our test automation tool, Test Manager, and the option to connect common design of experiments tools, make axle optimizations extremely efficient. The MBS axles are suitable for detailed tests of vehicle handling in the context of the whole vehicle, taking into account the interaction between the axle and other vehicle subsystems such as steering together with the EPS control unit or tires. With the results obtained in this way, you can make well-founded decisions for the continuing development process.

TameTire powered by Michelin: The tire model for your vehicle dynamics simulation and consumption analyses

You can discover new dimensions in tire simulation with the thermomechanical TameTire model developed by Michelin. Examine tire forces and tire moments in a wide range of conditions, including the impact of thermal effects, speed effects, inflation pressure or transient effects.
Drawing on easy-to-use physical parameters, TameTire makes it possible to analyze the vehicle-tire interaction. By selectively varying these parameters, you can both reach your objectives and carry out tolerance studies. The tire database with commercially available tire models helps you get started and offers a wide variety of reference data.

Physical Sensor Models: Reliably identify traffic objects with our virtual camera model

With our additional Physical Sensor Models module, we support you in developing the camera-based driver assistance systems of today and tomorrow. The module enables you to virtually develop and test the required sensor data fusion technologies in an efficient manner, thereby ensuring that traffic objects are reliably identified.

The module is based on a novel simulation technology that is itself based on an intelligent camera model. In addition to environmental sensors based on radar, lidar and ultrasound, the camera simultaneously supplies video data such as grayscale, color or stereo images or depth maps for 3D images.

You can therefore test fusion algorithms with location and time-synchronous camera and radar data, for example.

Our additional module not only offers you the option of freely defining camera lenses from fisheye to telephoto lenses, it can also be tailored to meet your exact requirements thanks to its wide range of camera configurations, such as resolution, frame rate or sensor characteristics – so that nothing stands in the way of testing your camera-based driver assistance systems!

Road parameterization

ADAS RP interface: Model digital map data in the virtual test run

The ADAS RP interface of the CarMaker simulation environment allows you to access digital map data – a basic requirement for the continuous development of map-based advanced driver assistance systems or predictive energy management. This enables the fully automated transfer of complex road networks including detailed information on road infrastructure to CarMaker via the user-friendly interface, thereby allowing you to benefit from all the functionalities of our simulation environment. You can also close the loop with ADAS RP in order to develop applications with an electronic horizon and ADASIS protocol.

Test bench integration

The TestBed product line: Integration of real driving simulation on propulsion system test beds

Integrate our CarMaker real driving simulation environments CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker into engine, powertrain and chassis dynamometers in a safe and user-friendly way with the TestBed product line. An interface specifically developed for test bed operation allows for a closed-loop integration of the unit under test or the entire system to be tested into the virtual vehicle prototype. The traditional component test bed thus becomes an integrated development environment that combines the virtual and physical worlds. 

The integration solution is available for dynamometers and automation systems of all leading manufacturers.



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