MotorcycleMaker: Holistic development of two-wheelers

Virtual test driving supports you in developing and testing systems and system networks in their entirety within the whole vehicle in realistic scenarios. This method conforms to our automotive systems engineering approach and helps us manage the current challenges in vehicle development. 

For this reason, we have tailored our entire product portfolio to this method, including our products CarMakerTruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker.

Our product MotorcycleMaker is a development environment specifically geared towards the requirements of motorized two-wheelers that can be applied throughout the entire development process. With our simulation solution and our complete, real-time capable model environment, you can accurately model any real-world test scenario in the virtual world – whether you are developing motorcycles, e-bikes or scooters. MotorcycleMaker has been designed as an open integration and test platform and can be applied throughout the entire development process – from model- to software- to hardware- to vehicle-in-the-loop. MotorcycleMaker’s impressive performance guarantees flexibility, productivity and precision for all simulation tasks, thereby ensuring significant savings in cost and time for the development of your vehicle.

MotorcycleMaker, simulation

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MotorcycleMaker – The complete solution for virtual test driving

Our simulation solution MotorcycleMaker includes a complete model environment comprising an intelligent driver model, a detailed vehicle model and highly flexible models for roads and traffic. With the aid of this model environment, you can build complete and realistic test scenarios with ease, taking the test run off the road and directly to your computer. The event and maneuver-based testing method ensures that the necessary flexibility and realistic execution of real-world test driving are also features of virtual test driving. Special actions, such as driver activities or system interventions, can be modeled intuitively in MotorcycleMaker using maneuvers.

Malfunctions, which also occur in real-world test runs, can be triggered precisely and at any time via events. This allows you to switch between open-loop and closed-loop testing without issue using our interactive maneuver control, and even recreate the most difficult test cases.

Flexible and efficient with our open integration and test platform

Right from the very beginning, we designed MotorcycleMaker according to the principle of openness. In addition to a complete simulation environment with tools for test automation and the visualization of virtual test runs, the simulation solution includes numerous interfaces for third-party tools, allowing it to fit seamlessly into your existing development process. With its supported standards and the converters offered, MotorcycleMaker is also ideal as a central integration platform.

In combination with our comprehensive and easily parameterized vehicle model and the extensive range of model interfaces, you have the option to connect the vehicle subsystems that you and your partners are developing to create a virtual prototype. In this way, MotorcycleMaker makes it easier to integrate subsystems into the vehicle, and facilitates early testing for smooth interactions between subsystems.

Model environment: Perform virtual tests in real time with our powerful models

Our real-time capable MotorcycleMaker models realistically and precisely simulate a wide variety of vehicle types along with their handling characteristics, the road and the surrounding environment, driver behavior and the traffic situation in the virtual world. You benefit from the clearly structured user interface which enables you to parameterize any model for your virtual test run quickly and easily, despite the high level of detail in the models.

Information on the CarMaker model environment

Information on the TruckMaker model environment


Motorcycle models that display realistic behavior to the limits of vehicle dynamics

  • The widest variety of pre-defined models for motorcycles, scooters and e-bikes, as well as a data set generator for quickly defining new models
  • Simulation of the influence of aerodynamic effects on driving stability
  • Front and rear wheel suspension support, such as telescopic fork, telelever, upside-down fork and paralever 
  • Various drive concepts, e.g. based on shaft or chain drive
  • Tire model with large camber angles and transient tire behavior 
  • Realistic behavior to the limits of vehicle dynamics
  • Efficient implementation of a multibody system – non-linear, expandable and real-time capable
  • Flexible, configurable sensor models for ADAS and vehicle dyamics applications


Real roads or user-specific test tracks with a detailed environment

  • Fast and realistic generation of roads or customer-specific test tracks
  • Intuitive Scenario Editor for the easy generation of realistic scenarios
  • Import of real road networks using ADAS RP from HERE maps
  • Multi-lane roads, intersections and exits
  • Realistic representation of the road environment (even on an international level), including road markings, traffic signs, traffic lights, guardrails, guide posts, buildings and vegetation 
  • Definition of road characteristics such as inclines, slopes, cambers or surface textures section by section
  • Modeling of different uneven ground surfaces such as bumpy roads, speed bumps and potholes as well as measured CRG sections


IPGDriver: An adaptive driver model with artificial intelligence

  • Optional configuration of externally defined speed and steering profiles
  • Typical steering motions including countersteering
  • Independent route and speed planning according to the road features and motorcycle characteristics
  • Real driver model for nervous and energy-efficient driving
  • Complex driving maneuver support 
  • Emulation of typical driving errors such as speeding in curves, wheelie, excessive brake force on the wheel or an exceedingly rapid increase of the brake force


Complex traffic scenarios with countless traffic objects

  • Detailed and reproducible traffic scenarios using maneuver control
  • Almost unlimited number of predefined traffic objects such as vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and animals with realistic movement patterns, and the option of integrating your own objects
  • Event-based control of traffic objects, including interactions with ego vehicles
  • Assignment of various routes to traffic objects
  • Playback of recorded scenes
  • Generation of random autonomous traffic
MotorcycleMaker, traffic, simulation
MotorcycleMaker, simulation
MotorcycleMaker, simulation
MotorcycleMaker, simulation

Tool environment: Automated and controlled testing

With our MotorcycleMaker tool environment, your virtual test runs are always in safe hands. Do you want to perform automated tests in every phase of your development process and manage your test maneuvers efficiently? Then Test Manager is the ideal tool for you. The integrated Test Ware Designer and Test Configurator tools even make working with extensive maneuver catalogs easy.

Three visualization tools – IPGMovie, IPGControl and Instruments – complete the MotorcycleMaker tool portfolio. They can deliver detailed and reliable information regarding all the important parameters, data and models for your individual test scenario at any point during the simulation. This way, you always have an overview of your virtual test run!

Test Manager

Our solution for automated testing processes

The Test Manager ensures a stable, automated testing process that can be implemented across the areas of MIL, SIL, HIL and VIL – no programming knowledge required. And that’s not all: It also offers a wide variety of functions to help you manage your test maneuvers.

For test automation, you can access all available data or models, and automatically document your results in a test report once the test has been completed. Use diagrams and image files to present and control your test results more precisely, or generate reports for individual sections of your test series – according to your individual requirements.

In addition to automated testing performed with the Test Manager, MotorcycleMaker also offers a choice between the two expansion tools, the Test Ware Designer and the Test Configurator. The Test Ware Designer makes defining catalogs quick and easy, allowing you to create, edit and call up test configurations in comprehensive, complex driving maneuver catalogs – so-called Test Ware Packages.

The Test Configurator facilitates the generation of parameterized test series from the catalogs, which can subsequently be conducted using the Test Manager. The Test Configurator also enables users with basic expertise in MotorcycleMaker to compile the necessary results for their test analyses.

In the case of very extensive test catalogs, the use of high-performance computing (HPC) is a sensible option. Compared to the traditional approach of serial calculation, HPC allows you to gain an enormous advantage in terms of speed. Depending on existing hardware and the scope of tests, you can use different variants. A computer with several CPU cores enables you to carry out parallel calculations, whereas within a network, you can use several computers simultaneously. For the highest possible computing power, an almost unlimited number of processes can be calculated parallel by means of cloud computing, thereby increasing efficiency to a major extent.

These and other features help you manage automated tests efficiently and achieve optimal processes throughout every step of the development process.


Online evaluations using our 3D visualization tool

Watch your individual test run at any point during the simulation using the 3D visualization tool IPGMovie from our MotorcycleMaker software. A wide range of functions is available. Test runs can be displayed from different angles simultaneously as well as through various types of lenses or via mirrors. All active sensors as well as different lighting effects created by headlights can also be modeled, contributing to a realistic visualization.

A reference vehicle can be displayed in addition to the test vehicle, making it possible to compare two test runs. On-screen overlays, which clearly convey the most important information such as speed or the charge condition of the battery, round out the visualization options offered by IPGMovie.


Precise diagrams for your analysis – even with large amounts of data

The data analysis tool IPGControl creates clear and precise graphical representations of all the quantitative results of your simulation. A particular strength of IPGControl is its ability to analyze large amounts of data without any issue. The signals displayed can be customized as required. For example, the axles can be adjusted to ensure an effective analysis of your results. IPGControl can be used at any point, whether during the simulation or after you have completed your virtual test run, and it can also be synchronized with IPGMovie if necessary. Furthermore, our data analysis tool contains a function for exporting results files in ASCII or Microsoft Excel format as well as for loading previously created external results files and integrating them into diagrams.


Driver and vehicle information at a glance

The integrated virtual dashboard Instruments provides continuous access to all relevant instruments, scales and information about the driver behavior, such as the position of the throttle, steering angle, gear selection, as well as information about the vehicle condition, such as ignition, speedometer, ESC and ABS warning lights, or brake and turn-signal lights. With the help of scripts, you can adjust the instruments according to your specific requirements. Read and write access to all simulation data allows you to trigger events at the push of a button, or to insert new instruments to display additional quantities.

Interfaces: Openness facilitates efficient and flexible development

Our simulation solution MotorcycleMaker offers you key advantages: As an open integration and test platform, our product boasts unique versatility in its potential uses. You can quickly and easily connect both virtual and real-world components to your virtual prototype. The option to seamlessly integrate a simulation environment into your pre-existing tool environment further sets our software apart, with a myriad of supported standards and interfaces for models, tools and hardware at your disposal. We continue to work on increasing the openness of our simulation solutions and are always aiming to make it even easier for you to incorporate virtual test driving into your individual processes.






Information on the CarMaker interfaces

Information on the TruckMaker interfaces

Supported IDEs:

  • MS Visual Studio
  • Eclipse

Model interfaces:

  • Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI)
  • MATLAB/Simulink
  • C code
  • TASS Delft-Tyre
  • Cosin FTire

Tool interfaces:

  • rFpro
  • ADTF
  • Google Earth
  • HERE HD Live Map

Supported standards:

  • OpenDRIVE
  • ASAM Fibex
  • CANdb

Supported operating systems:

  • MS Windows
  • Linux

Supported hardware platforms:

  • IPG Automotive Xpack4
  • National Instruments PXI Plattform
  • dSPACE SCALEXIO and ds1006

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