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Test the vehicles of the future today! Our software products help you structure your development processes according to the front-loading principle, thereby allowing you to plan your development cycles with greater agility. Thanks to our simulation solutions, tests can be transferred to the virtual world at an early stage – long before a real-world prototype is developed – and are 100 percent reproducible.

Our product portfolio is geared towards the automotive systems engineering approach – developing and testing systems in their entirety within whole vehicles in realistic scenarios. With virtual test driving, you can deploy these methods, making it possible to tackle even the most demanding development requirements safely and efficiently.

We attach great importance to optimizing our clients’ processes using innovative test methods. For this reason, we have designed our CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker simulation solutions as open integration and test platforms. This allows you to incorporate the virtual and real-world components being tested into your virtual prototype. You can also quickly and easily integrate the simulation environments into existing tool landscapes using a wide range of supported standards and interfaces.

The CarMaker product family features a high-precision, real-time capable model environment, which enables you to create realistic and detailed emulations of real-world test runs and test scenarios tailored entirely to your individual requirements.

Your virtual prototype as well as the scenarios including assessment criteria can be flexibly reused throughout the entire development process. And that’s not all: Using prototypes also considerably improves efficiency in the cooperation between OEMs and suppliers.

Our aim of modeling real-world test runs as realistically and reproducibly as possible is reflected in the maneuver, event and scenario-based test approach of our products. Visualization tools for the clear and reliable analysis of your test run and the possibility of test automation and automated analysis complete our comprehensive package for virtual test driving. If necessary, a wide range of product extensions is also available for your individual application scenarios.

Simulation Software: CarMaker for Virtual testing of automobiles and light-duty vehicles
Simulation Software: TruckMaker for real-time simulation of heavy-duty vehicles.
Simulation Software: MotorcycleMaker for the holistic development of two-wheelers

Our software products for virtual test driving

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Media type: PresentationDate: 01.01.2016 Language: EnglishFile format: PDFSize: 1.91 MB

Virtual prototypes: Model management at Opel (Apply & Innovate 2016)

virtual prototypevehicle data setOpel
Media type: PresentationDate: 01.01.2016 Language: EnglishFile format: PDFSize: 0.96 MB

Virtual prototypes: CarMaker at JLR (Apply & Innovate 2016)

keynotevehicle dynamicsJLR
Media type: VideoDate: 01.01.2015 Language: EnglishFile format: MP4Size: 12.14 MB

Driving on the highway

Media type: VideoDate: 01.01.2015 Language: EnglishFile format: MP4Size: 15.26 MB

Bodyguard's u-turn

Media type: VideoDate: 01.01.2015 Language: EnglishFile format: MP4Size: 7.24 MB

Driving by night

Media type: PresentationDate: 01.01.2014 Language: EnglishFile format: PDFSize: 1.03 MB

Virtual prototypes: Model management at Opel (Apply & Innovate 2014)

master model approachsystem simulation
Media type: PublicationDate: 01.01.2012 Language: EnglishFile format: PDFSize: 1.06 MB

ATZ 03/2012: Simulated GPS space segment and sensor fusion for lane-level accurate localisation

The fusion of GPS signals and vehicle dynamics data makes it possible to localize vehicles with lane-level accuracy. The functionality and robustness of all systems based on it should be verifiable as early as possible. IPG Automotive has developed a so-called “Space” segment with virtual GPS satellites for the vehicle dynamics simulation CarMaker.
vehicle dynamics

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