Video Interface Box X

Closed-loop testing of camera control units via direct injection of image data

When testing ADAS on simulation test benches, a lack of synchronization between image generation on the monitor and image capturing of the camera can result in “torn” images. At the same time, digital flat screens are too dim and weakly contrasting to be able to supply input data for lighting assistance functions. These problems can be circumvented by feeding images directly into a standard camera control unit using our Video Interface Box X, thereby facilitating real closed-loop testing of camera control units.

To achieve this, the electrical connection between the image sensor and the ECU is cut and the image sensor is replaced by our revolutionary Video Interface Box X. This device is fed via the computer graphics card on which the simulated environment is generated. Powerful hardware and corresponding signal matching convert the video data into any desired format, which is then fed into the real control unit with extremely short latencies.

Up to four cameras can be emulated simultaneously – providing the perfect conditions for testing stereo camera or bird's-eye view systems. All channels are synchronized here, though the resolution and frame rate can be configured independently of one another at any time.

In closed-loop HIL procedures, the Video Interface Box X can analyze camera-based functions with other control devices, including simulated environment sensors, thus also exploiting the advantages of virtual test driving in the context of sensor data fusion. At present, we are working toward supporting additional image sensors and sensor interfaces to allow us to replicate the maximum possible number of different camera models as standard, and to implement solutions with greater speed.

Video Interface Box


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Product Sheet Video Interface Box

Tests of camera-based systems made easy through direct injection of image data.
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ATZ 07-08/2017: Video Injection Methods in a Real-world Vehicle for Increasing Test Efficiency

Tests of camera-based systems by direct injection of video data into real components.
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Brochure "Solutions for testing camera-based ADAS"

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