Real-time Hardware

Customized hardware solutions from a single source

We offer a comprehensive hardware portfolio that provides you with optimal support at each stage of your project, be it in the automotive, aerospace or railway sector or in the field of industrial automation. Our hardware components are extremely powerful, very flexible and boast an excellent price/performance ratio.

We also offer RealtimeMaker as a generic integration platform. This gives you the option to integrate your own software and the models you have developed in order to test them on real-time hardware.

One benefit is that our software is designed to work optimally together with our hardware. With us as a full-service provider, you have a reliable and specialized partner at your side in all areas. Should you require support, you can always rely on us.

When putting together our Xpack4 systems, you have complete flexibility. As a basis, you have a diverse range of housing sizes to choose from for both mobile and stationary use. Select from a comprehensive range of M-Modules. If you cannot find anything that suits your application, simply get in contact and we will find a solution together.

Xpack4 technology: Scalable, reliable and powerful real-time system solutions
Hardware platform XPack4
XPack4 Components and Fail Safe Tester

Overview of our Real-time Hardware products

Xpack4 technology

Xpack4 components

Fail Safe Tester