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Audi Development Camp – Audi TT 4WD on the virtual Nürburgring

Audi Development Camp 2019: Four weeks, four student teams, expert mentors and one shared project assignment – the development and optimization of a hybrid powertrain system to be integrated into a virtual Audi TT 4WD for a race on the virtual Nürburgring in CarMaker!

The innovative start to a career in engineering from June 24 to July 19 offers a project-based program to automotive and mechanical engineering majors. In addition, a coveted prize awaits the winning team, i.e. the team that achieves the best lap time on the virtual Nürburgring: VIP tickets to DTM in Hockenheim.

The Audi Development Camp educational concept comprises 70% of teamwork, 15% of teaching as well as another 15% devoted to the presentation of results gathered throughout the project.

This year, world-renowned mentors Norbert Gatzka and Luca Marmorini, formerly head of engine development at Ferrari, as well as other industry experts offer the participating students their support.

The entire day on July 1, Dr. Felix Pfister, Business Development Manager Powertrain at IPG Automotive, introduced the 17 students from eight different countries to the simulation software CarMaker that is used in the project to integrate powertrain systems into the overall system, calibrate virtual ECUs, and run virtual performance and consumption tests on the virtual Nürburgring.

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Audi Development Camp 2019