Formula CarMaker Program

Conditions of participation in Formula CarMaker

As an established expert in the application areas of vehicle dynamics, autonomous driving and electric mobility, IPG Automotive provides test methods for virtual test driving. IPG Automotive takes an interest in promoting academic education within the scope of the student competitions such as “Formula Student” by providing software from IPG Automotive.

The software provided by IPG Automotive is a commercial software provided under the service conditions mentioned below. It is neither shareware nor freeware. Please read the End-user license agreement for IPG Automotive software products (“EULA”) carefully before installing and using the IPG Automotive software.

  • Only non-commercial student racing teams are allowed to register.
  • Teams registered for Formula CarMaker will be provided with two licenses of CarMaker/Office pro, IPGKinematics and Cockpit Package standard node locked free of charge, including technical support. The two licenses are only to be installed and used on one computer respectively by non-commercial student racing teams.
  • The licenses will be provided for one year. After this period of time, the software can no longer be started. The licenses can be extended for subsequent years if the team renews its registration for the Formula CarMaker Program.
  • The teams are permitted to use the IPG Automotive software exclusively for the purposes of their activities within their collegiate formula team and are not permitted to make the software available to any third party.
  • IPG Automotive is committed to neutrality with regard to the teams and will provide all teams with the same information. For this reason, the user support provided by IPG Automotive will be limited to questions concerning the use of the IPG Automotive software. Assistance regarding team or design specific questions for example will not be provided.
  • The teams agree to receive e-mail notifications about events that are directly related to the Formula CarMaker program. This consent can be revoked at any time by sending an e-mail to formulacarmaker(at)
  • IPG Automotive is entitled to terminate the contact at any time. The rights and duties under this agreement cannot be ceded and are not transferable.

This contract was issued electronically and is valid without signature.