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In the areas of autonomous vehicles, ADAS, driver assistance and powertrain

With a portfolio ranging from Simulation Software and Real-time Hardware to Test Systems and Engineering Services, we provide solutions for the entire vehicle development process. Our software and hardware products enable designers to develop, apply, test and even release individual vehicle components and systems as well as whole vehicles. A virtual prototype is the ideal supplement to a real prototype. Using virtual prototypes reduces costs and allows for a more efficient development process: Virtual test driving enables our clients to test all their systems in every imaginable scenario easily, quickly and in a reproducible manner throughout the entire development process. 

Our CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker simulation solutions are optimally coordinated integration and test platforms for the model-based development and testing of whole vehicles, vehicle systems and control units. We also supply both standard test systems and customized test systems combined with our high-performance hardware modules. We are happy to support you right from the start in your decision about virtual test driving and develop customized solutions for you – from the conceptual phase, to implementation to putting into operation on-site, including training and a ramp-up service. We also have resident engineers who are ready to offer their support, if you require it. We find the right solution for every challenge that arises.

Our range of products and services for virtual test driving

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Working towards a mobile world

Driving innovation and constantly expanding our expertise in the fields of Autonomous Vehicles, ADAS, Powertrain and Vehicle Dynamics – this is our goal. By working hand in hand with our clients, we strive to make the vehicle development process even more efficient with our simulation solutions, thereby paving the way for technical progress. We meet the challenges that arise in the individual areas of application and offer customized solutions.

The development of vehicle dynamics and their control systems, advanced driver assistance systems and powertrains requires a continuous chain of methods and tools which assess, optimize and validate the systems in the most realistic test scenarios possible. 

The range of possible scenarios resulting from the interactions between driver, vehicle, traffic situation and environment poses a particular challenge – which can be overcome using our simulation solutions. Some tests have already been implemented in the simulation software and can be performed fully automatically, keeping the effort on the part of the clients at a minimum. Additionally, clients can create their own scenarios or assign this task to our Engineering Services. We believe that it is important to use virtual test driving to promote the development of vehicle dynamics, driver assistance and powertrain systems and thereby ensure safe and more comfortable driving in the future – so that nobody misses out on the enjoyment of driving.