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Autonomous Vehicles, ADAS, Powertrain and Vehicle Dynamics: the right solution for your application scenarios

Do you develop applications in the areas of autonomous vehicles, ADAS, powertrain or vehicle dynamics? You can use our simulation solutions and our test systems to meet the increased development requirements of the automotive industry in your individual application scenarios. Our approach is based on automotive systems engineering: developing and testing systems in their entirety. We put this into practice using virtual test driving within whole vehicles and in realistic test scenarios.

Right from the time the company was founded, we made a strategic decision that laid the groundwork for our range of services in the area of virtual test driving: With our roots in vehicle dynamics and our high-precision vehicle dynamics models, we have had a firm foundation for many years for also managing the challenges in the areas of autonomous vehicles, ADAS and powertrain.

Our wide-ranging product portfolio for virtual test driving reflects our automotive systems engineering approach. The right solution for practically all application scenarios is ready at hand.

In the rare event that this is not the case, we will work closely with you to develop individual solutions which are tailored entirely to your specific requirements. We are constantly developing our expertise in a targeted manner – including in the context of funded projects. This not only allows us to experience future technologies firsthand, but also means that we are playing our part in driving research forward. Our close collaboration with our clients and partners represents one of our fundamental values: openness to what’s new. We are confident that we are on the right track to always being able to offer our clients the optimal solution.

The right choice for every type of test

Developing and releasing a system requires a variety of tests. We differentiate between three types of tests: fail-safe tests, functionality tests and performance tests. Regardless of which test you are performing, our simulation solutions offer you the preferred resource for an optimal development process.

Fail-safe tests

Fail-safe tests are important for checking the control unit – how does it behave in a fail-safe situation? For example, what happens if signals are absent or offset? Fail-safe tests assess the fallback level, the fault memory and the driver information in the case of a malfunction.

Functionality tests

A functionality test checks whether a system function is triggered, and if so, whether it is triggered at the correct moment. This involves testing whether the function is initiated when the system correctly recognizes a situation, and whether the function completely fulfils its objectives.

Performance tests

Finally, in order to be able to estimate the quality of a function, its performance must be tested. How does a function behave in certain – including complex – maneuvers and borderline situations? What results are achieved?

Our areas of application