Virtualization of RDE development

The main challenge in RDE development is to calibrate a powertrain that meets both driving dynamics and environmental requirements regarding pollutants and fuel consumption.

Especially with hybrid vehicles, multiple factors need to be taken into account during the development process, which massively augments the number of scenarios that need to be tested.

How do we respond to this challenge?

By integrating our simulation software CarMaker into engine test benches and chassis dynamometers, we connect the real and virtual world. Our virtual approach allows to simulate driving cycles and to transfer numerous RDE scenarios from the test drive to the virtual simulation environment with a click of the mouse. RDE scenarios can be modeled according to various development requirements by adapting driving style, route and traffic conditions for example. At the same time, in comparison to conventional tests on real-world roads, time and costs are significantly reduced. In addition, the virtualization on the test bench enables continuous operation for cycle and RDE drives, whereas the test bench environment facilitates the highest testing reproducibility in different driving scenarios.

Advance your RDE development to the next level and perform realistic emissions measurements with virtual simulation on the engine test bench and chassis dynamometer – with just one click.

See for yourself!


RDE development

Virtualize RDE development and take it to the next level.