We will show you how it works: Our video tutorials

We have created a series of video tutorials to help you familiarize yourself with the fundamental processes in CarMaker. Learn how to get your vehicle on the test track in a virtual test run, how to analyze results and of course, much more.

Additional information

The tutorials are in English. Click to open the tutorials directly in your browser (not adapted for mobile devices) or download them in our media library.

First steps in CarMaker

Create your own TestRun

Maneuver Control (Part 1)

Maneuver Control (Part 2)

Maneuver Control (Part 3)

First steps in IPGKinematics (Part 1)

First steps in IPGKinematics (Part 2)

CarMaker for Simulink

Functional Mock-up Interface

Data Analysis with IPGControl

Model Plug-In