Help for PC and server identification

The PC and server identification requires different information depending on the operating system.

Instructions for Windows users

  • Install the software.
  • Download the file wlicinfo.exe here.
  • Double-click the file to execute it on your PC
  • Your computer ID is displayed in a dialog box:

    Instructions for Linux users

    • Enter the command “hostname” in the command window
    • The name of your PC is displayed
    • Enter the command “ifconfig” in the command window
    • Copy “eth0” from the list of MAC addresses
    • Enter the hostname and MAC address in the field
      “PC identification”

    Obtaining the computer information for the real-time system

    The process of obtaining the computer information varies depending on the real-time system.

    The software products by IPG Automotive can be used in combination with different hardware platforms. You can start your real-time system with just a few clicks.

    Platform: Xpack4 / Xeno

    You will need the name and MAC address of the real-time system. 

    Please refer to the settings of the Realtime System Setup (see screenshot) for this information.

    More detailed information on the setup of your HIL system with the Realtime System Setup is provided in the CarMaker installation guide.

    Platform: ETAS LABCAR

    You will need the MAC address of the real-time system.
    If your real-time system is not connected to a screen, determine the MAC address as follows:

    • Open the command prompt and connect to the real-time system (the IP address is identical for all rtpc): >>telnet
    • Log in using the user name “labcar”. A password is not required: >>labcar
    • Obtain the MAC address eth0 using the command
      >>sudo ifconfig

    Platform: National Instruments PXI

    You will need the MAC address of your real-time system.

    • First, start the software “NI MAX” (Measurement & Automation Explorer)
    • Select the real-time system from the list of remote systems

    The system needs to be switched on in order to appear on the list.

    • Switch to the detail view in the tab “Network Settings” 

    Refer to “Primary Network Adapter” for the entry “MAC ID”.

    • Please send us the “eth0” address

    Platform: dSPACE SCALEXIO

    You will need the MAC address of your real-time system.

    • Power on the SCALEXIO real-time computer and make sure to register the hardware in dSPACE ConfigurationDesk.
    • Upon successful registration, the real-time computer will be visible under "Platforms" in ConfigurationDesk.
    • Click the SCALEXIO Real-Time PC option under Host --> SCALEXIO, observe the properties of "SCALEXIO Real-Time PC". We require the MAC address located under "Host Interface" tab, please copy this information and sent it for license generation.