More stability with MotorcycleMaker

The experts from the Italian engineering firm Soluzioni Ingegneria have investigated the conditions under which critical instabilities occur when riding a motorcycle and how they can be avoided. Their research has resulted in control technology for a semi-active damper system. Its effectiveness has been validated in virtual test driving with MotorcycleMaker.


Development and validation of a controller for semi-active damping to enhance the riding stability of crossover motorcycles.


  • Sensitivity studies based on an MKS model
  • Development of a controller and integration of the Simulink model in MotorcycleMaker
  • Virtual test driving in critical ranges of vehicle dynamics
  • Further steps: HIL tests with real-world steering damper

The investigations with MotorcycleMaker show that controlling the steering damper makes it possible to reduce the instabilities of weave and wobble in a wide speed range on a straight path and in cornering. However, the selection of the appropriate parameters, in this case the amplification factor, is decisive for the effectiveness of the control system.

A targeted investigation of weave and wobble on a test track is very difficult because the instabilities can hardly be reproducibly generated in real-world testing. Even minimal lane deviations, smallest steering corrections by the rider or minor variations of vehicle speeds can cause completely different, or even non-critical, handling. The vehicle dynamics simulation with MotorcycleMaker is therefore an important tool for systematically optimizing the riding stability of motorcycles. The simulation saves time and costs and enables non-hazardous testing of any conceivable parameter combinations.

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