Hands off, eyes off, mind off: New validation possibilities for ADAS and autonomous functions at PSA

Groupe PSA is making great strides towards autonomous driving. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), which are comprehensively validated in real-world and virtual test driving, are paving the way. An essential element in the validation chain at PSA is vehicle-in-the-loop testing. Vehicle-in-the-loop bridges the gap between standard test methods by integrating a real vehicle into a virtual traffic environment.


In order to advance autonomous driving, PSA develops novel ADAS, which require validation. Model-based test methods provide effective support. Until now, however, the evaluation of systems integrated into the real whole vehicle was only possible in complex and costly test driving.


Vehicle-in-the-loop: A real test vehicle is integrated into a virtual traffic environment. Drivers can safely test reproducible scenarios.


In addition to real-world testing on roads and test tracks, development engineers rely strongly on virtual test driving with CarMaker in the development of ADAS.This method is now firmly established in the development of vehicle dynamics and advanced driver assistance systems at PSA in the form of model-, software- and hardware-in-the-loop (MIL, SIL, HIL).

Another element in the validation chain of control systems is vehicle-in-the-loop (VIL) testing. This method combines the advantages of simulation and real-world test driving by embedding a real test vehicle in a virtual traffic environment. The driver maneuvers the car across an open area while all objects relevant to the test case – such as other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, buildings or signs – are generated in the virtual world. The virtual environment is either displayed on a monitor or via augmented reality glasses worn by the driver. This allows for risk-free and resource-efficient testing of ADAS such as the emergency brake assist.

The VIL method was implemented by IPG Automotive based on CarMaker. As in MIL, SIL and HIL, CarMaker simulates the interplay of vehicle, driver, tires, road, traffic and environmental conditions. The traffic scenarios are defined using the traffic model in CarMaker, independently of specific vehicles or roads, and can therefore be reused at will. Both maneuvers and test cases can thus be applied accurately to later tests without effort.

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New validation possibilities for ADAS and autonomous functions at PSA