“We’re now more efficient than before by a factor ranging between two and three”

Interview with Christoph Kossira and Dr. Paul Spannaus of EFS

The networking of vehicle systems has become increasingly extensive in recent years and a change in this trend is not on the horizon. We spoke with Christoph Kossira and Dr. Paul Spannaus from Elektronische Fahrwerksysteme GmbH, a joint venture with Audi AG, about their solution for virtually securing ESC (Electronic Stability Control) systems and thus making the development process much more efficient.

Full interview with Christoph Kossira and Dr. Paul Spannaus

“There is nothing in the field of ADAS that is inconceivable in the future”

Interview with Martin Sevenich of Continental

Martin Sevenich already knows part of the future. During pre-development, vehicle functions are tested that won’t be ready for series production for several years. We sat down with Mr. Sevenich to talk about different applications, the technical implementation of studies with test participants in the fields of driver assistance and automated driving, as well as the significance of these tests for the future.

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“Nowadays, we can no longer imagine developing vehicles without using simulation tools.”

Interview with Dr. Jochen Schaffnit of Adam Opel AG, August 2016

Dr. Jochen Schaffnit is a Technical Integration Engineer Chassis Controls Simulation in the department of Vehicle Performance Simulation for the automobile manufacturer Opel. We talked to him about the role of virtual test driving in the range of development of vehicle dynamics as well as the entire field of active safety.

Full interview with Dr. Jochen Schaffnit


“Steering system tuning on the test bench is firmly integrated in our development process”

Interview with Axel Honisch, Timo Schöning and Alessandro of Hyundai

At the Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center (HMETC) in Rüsselsheim, a steering system test bench is utilized in combination with CarMaker to enable the efficient development, pre-application and validation of steering components. We talked to Axel Honisch, Timo Schöning and Alessandro Contini about their experiences with the test bench and virtual test driving.

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"The connected vehicle in all of its manifestations (Car2X), and autonomous driving, which are going to dominate the discussions centered on the automobile and its development."

Interview with Grégory Gackel of PSA

Grégory Gackel is Electronic Integration & Verification Manager at PSA Peugeot Citroën. As part of a project, the department for testing electronic vehicle components equipped existing test systems with a powerful test environment. Of the 44 existing National Instruments test systems, ten were compatible with CarMaker/HIL. The project aim was to achieve the first-ever porting of the software CarMaker to existing NI platforms.

Full interview with Grégory Gackel