HIL systems: Compact powerhouses

We would be delighted to support you through the hardware-in-the-loop stage of your development process. This is a critical phase for component and system testing where you can employ our powerful HIL systems to facilitate the best technical development of your systems, taking them towards a higher level of maturity. But what are the features of a test system that must always function equally well, yet also needs to satisfy the most diverse requirements? The answer: Those of an HIL system with Xpack4 – a generation of hardware that contains several high performance components with real-time capability, but that can be configured and expanded in an individual way.

HIL systems and virtual test driving: An unbeatable team

Combined with virtual test driving, the HIL system allows you to test any conceivable scenario – and you can reuse test cases and assessment criteria defined during the MIL/SIL phase throughout. Our CarMaker, TruckMaker, and MotorcycleMaker open integration and test platforms provide you with a wide range of testing options. Regardless of the system concerned, whether composed of standard components or your own specialized hardware, we will be happy to produce a suitable solution that is tailored to your needs.

Hardware-in-the-Loop / HIL Systems
HIL systems: Variable solutions for the best test results – Power Supply, Fail Safe Tester, Xpack4 Real-Time System, Plug-in Test Box

Variable solutions for the best test results

Different sizes, same handling: Our HIL systems consist of 19-inch racks of variable heights and, depending on the application, various programmable power supply units with different capacities. The centerpiece of each system is our Xpack4 real-time computer. Powerful processors for multi-core applications are combined here with a portfolio of modular I/O cards – you can run up to five plug-in drawers in parallel in one assembly! The optional Fail Safe Tester unit is a component that enables the automated input of all types of faults. The system can be easily operated and controlled from a host PC or notebook with CarMaker.

The openness of our solutions is what’s important to us

What matters most to us is that you are able to achieve the best possible development with the help of our products. We have therefore made it our task to create open products, and have designed our hardware to be open to other systems. At the same time, all our modules are compatible with one another, and can be exchanged for other modules. And should you wish to create a test system with other hardware components, there is nothing in the way of you testing your components and systems with CarMaker/HIL. With our HIL solutions, you are ideally equipped for applications throughout the entire hardware and vehicle-in-the-loop phases.


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Multi Function Mono Camera integration into motorcycles: MotorcycleMaker at Continental Engineering Services (Apply & Innovate 2016)

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Brochure "ESC-HIL - turnkey solution for testing and validating real-world ESC units"

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