CarMaker 9: Improved versatility, efficiency and scalability

A broad range of new options for virtual vehicle development

With our CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker simulation solutions, you can virtually test the vehicles of the future today! Our software solutions were specifically designed for developing and testing passenger cars, light-duty vehicles, trucks and two-wheelers, making it possible to accurately transfer detailed real-world test scenarios – including the entire surrounding environment – into the virtual world.

From cooperative driving with SimNet to new and improved sensor models to the parallelization of sensor models on GPUs – the 9 release includes countless highlights for innovative applications. Below, you will find an overview of some of the features that will help you drive your vehicle development forward.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Comprehensive testing is available for the fields of autonomous driving, ADAS, powertrain and vehicle dynamics
  • The CarMaker product family can be implemented seamlessly throughout the entire development process – from MIL and SIL up to HIL and VIL – and scenarios and test cases can be reused, thereby improving efficiency
  • Setting up virtual prototypes early in the development process and implementing them across domains improves system maturity while also saving time and costs
  • Detailed and realistic test scenarios can be generated quickly with powerful models that are easy to parameterize
  • The maneuver and event-based test approach ensures maximum flexibility
    • An extensive portfolio of sensor models is available for all widely used sensor technologies (radar, lidar, ultrasound and camera) to facilitate the validation of automated driving functions
    • Simulation speeds several times faster than real time deliver results more rapidly
    • The parallel execution of extensive test catalogs on high-performance computing (HPC) clusters shortens test cycles
    • Powerful visualization enables rapid analysis
    • Various supported standards and interfaces ensure streamlined integration into your established development environment
      Radar RSI, CarMaker


      Improved and validated Radar RSI sensor model

      The calculation of the radar RSI is switched to a physically based field calculation. A wide range of effects are thereby considered before the raw data are then processed in a signal processing model. Radar RSI was validated in an extensive measurement campaign in cooperation with Magna Electronics, one of the leading automotive suppliers.

      In addition, a trigger mechanism allows external programs to initiate the calculation cycle.

      Option to import from HERE HD Live Maps

      In order to provide a quick and easy access to realistic road networks in CarMaker, users can now import map data from HERE HD Live Maps. Importing road features such as lanes and lane markings is also supported. Users have the option to import selected sections of a road network or the required roads along a definable route.

      Imported map section in the scenario editor


      Option to export in OpenDRIVE format

      The release 9.0 enables exports of road networks created with the Scenario Editor not only in the ROAD5 format but also in the OpenDRIVE open file format. In this way, the user can exchange with other platforms and once produced road networks can be reused more often.


      Cooperative driving with SimNet using co-simulation of multiple ego vehicles in a common scenario

      Our project solution for cooperative driving has been available as a basis for applications such as V2X and platooning for quite some time. With the 9.0 release, cooperative driving with SimNet has now become an integral part of the CarMaker product family. Users can simulate up to ten ego vehicles on a single computer or up to three ego vehicles in a network using CarMaker, TruckMaker or MotorcycleMaker in a common scenario.


      New camera-based HiFi sensor model

      In order to provide even more comprehensive support for functionality tests, the list of High Fidelity (HiFi) Sensors has been expanded to include a Camera HiFi Sensor. This sensor generates camera-specific object lists of identified traffic objects, signs and lights, and takes different effects such as occlusion and the influence of rain or fog into account. CPU-based off-screen rendering frees up GPU resources for use in ray tracing-based physical sensor models.

      Scalability through support of CarMaker in Docker containers

      Containers enable the creation of a stable virtual environment, for example when running an application in the cloud. In recent years, Docker containers have become the industry standard for precisely this purpose. Now the software solutions of the CarMaker product family can be run from within a Docker container, offering users advantages such as easy portability and excellent scalability.


      Solution for flexible and lane-specific placement of traffic signs and lights

      The Scenario Editor now offers new options as well as methods for easily defining traffic signs and lights and marking them accordingly. The ability to assign different speed limits to different lanes and to place traffic lights on the opposite side of an intersection affords the user additional flexibility in designing scenarios.


      Road users with more human-like behavior – Human Driver Model

      In addition to the existing generic Traffic Model, in which the controller typically exhibits ideal behavior, the new release now includes a Human Driver Model. The model offers expanded behavior options when it comes to changing lanes and also reflects human characteristics such as reaction time and the inability to accurately assess distances and speeds. The resulting road users exhibit more realistic and human-like behavior.

      New Object by Lane Sensor

      The 9.0 release introduces a new Ideal Sensor. The Object by Lane Sensor identifies traffic objects in selected adjacent lanes and provides information about the objects and the lanes they are driving in, making it perfectly suitable for trajectory planning.

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