More features and interfaces for the CarMaker product family!

Safer, faster, more efficient – CarMaker 8.0

Various new functionalities for virtual vehicle development

Virtually test the vehicle of the future already today with our simulation solutions CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker. Our software solutions are specifically designed for the development and testing of passenger cars, light-duty vehicles, trucks and two-wheelers. They enable you to transfer real test scenarios including the entire environment into the virtual world with a high level of detail.

From a physical lidar sensor model to high-performance computing on multiple GPUs and the training of artificial intelligence using semantic segmentation – the new product release brings many highlights for innovative applications. We have summarized some of these below and we are sure that you will find just the right thing for your requirements.


Is seamless detailed virtual testing your goal?

Then get in touch with us. Whether you’re interesting in customized consulting, the implementation or integration of our simulation solutions, the setup of virtual prototypes and turnkey test benches, or our simulation services – we support you in establishing virtual test driving in your development process.

Physical lidar sensor model

The sensor model Lidar RSI now completes the extensive sensor portfolio of our CarMaker product family. This new model in the Raw Signal Interfaces (RSI) class enables lidar sensors to be modeled in detail. Now our products offer you a counterpart for all your sensor technologies. 


High-performance computing with multiple GPUs and in the cloud

The release 8.0 enables the parallel use of multiple GPUs. In connection with our GPU-based raw signal interfaces (RSI) for camera, radar, ultrasound and lidar technologies, for instance, this allows you to test the fusion of raw sensor data in real time – on your HPC system or in the cloud as well.

Semantic segmentation to train AI-based systems

Manually extracting features and annotating image areas to train neural networks is time-consuming and prone to errors. With its new semantic segmentation function, the release 8.0 supplies the required “ground truth” information for visualization.


New hybrid powertrain models and transmission efficiency maps

We have evolved the powertrain model environment: In addition to new hybrid powertrain variants, it now also includes speed and torque dependent transmission efficiencies for optimized analyses of consumption and emissions.

New vehicle dynamics models for electric vehicle development

Benefit from streamlined vehicle dynamics evaluations of hybrid and fully electric vehicles due to the automatic consideration and positioning of EV-specific individual masses in the chassis.

OpenDRIVE import and Scenario Editor improvements

The release 8.0 now enables you to import and use road networks directly from the OpenDRIVE format and, if required, subsequently process them using the Scenario Editor.

News about the TestBed product line for powertrain test beds

With our TestBed product line, we have combined our simulation software with a high-performance test bed interface for powertrain applications as well as the right process integration tools for the integration of virtual test driving into your test field.


Model-based steering system analysis for automotive systems engineering

By advancing the technology of our Steering-in-the-Loop Test Bench in combination with new methods and services for the characterization and optimization of steering systems, we have established a basis for efficient systems engineering on the vehicle level.

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No matter in which field, we support your development and testing of autonomous driving functions, ADAS, powertrains, safety and comfort systems, and much more. The release 8.0 has many new options in store for you – get started now! 

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