Release 10 of the

CarMaker product family

available since April 1

The release 10 of the CarMaker product family: Even more realistic, detailed and automated functions

Test the vehicle of the future today! Our software solutions of the CarMaker product family help integrate vehicle components into the full vehicle at an early stage. Virtual prototypes enable the agile development of components in cars, light-duty vehicles, trucks and motorcycles and, subsequently, virtual test driving in realistic scenarios.

The release 10 includes numerous highlights for innovative applications. Advance your vehicle development significantly with the following brand-new features.

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The visualization tool MovieNX becomes an integral part of the CarMaker product family

  • Photo-realistic 3D visualizations of special weather or light conditions such as fog, a low sun in the sky or reflections as well as artificial light in the dark can be simulated in real-time and HDR
  • Easy configuration of environment and camera parameters
  • Test camera-based advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving functions on at a whole new level
  • Train and validate algorithms based on artificial intelligence
  • Edit existing TestRuns and highly complex new scenarios directly in the Scenario Editor and visualize them immediately
  • Ensured compatibility between IPGMovie and MovieNX
  • Open and seamless simulation solution to integrate entire camera systems over corresponding interfaces 

New, improved and more realistic sensor models

  • Enhanced Lidar RSI reflection model
  • Extended interaction model for the Ultrasonic RSI to allow for more realistic simulation of acoustic pressure and improved simulation results with complex geometries
  • New GUI for easy distribution of computational processes related to the sensor system: on one or multiple computers in a network


Automated and detailed scenario generation

  • Extended Road5 road model including complex traffic islands and sidewalks
  • Revised junction model allowing for easy modeling of very complex real-world junctions and an increased degree of reality when modeling complex inner-city scenarios
  • Low modeling effort for traffic thanks to automated overtaking maneuvers on freeways and multi-lane roads
  • Extended functions and new maneuver options for IPGDriver aiming at increased compatibility with the ASAM standard OpenSCENARIO


Your benefits at a glance

  • Increased efficiency thanks to the seamless use throughout the entire development process – from MIL and SIL up to HIL and VIL – and the reusability of scenarios and test cases during the entire development
  • High system maturity with simultaneous savings in cost and time due to the early setup of virtual prototypes and their cross-domain application: from vehicle concept validation to release and homologation
  • Generation of detailed and realistic test scenarios in a short time using powerful, validated models that are easy to parameterize
  • Maximum flexibility due to the maneuver and event-based test approach
  • Various supported standards and interfaces for a streamlined integration into your established development environment
  • Shorter test cycles due to the parallel execution of extensive test catalogs on high-performance computing (HPC) clusters – ideal for CI/CD/CT


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