Xpack4 components: Combine your own customized system

The following provides an overview of all the components you need to build an Xpack4 system. You can choose between differently equipped variants in every class of components, so you can match your requirement profile as accurately as possible.


In the automotive, aerospace, railway and industrial automation sectors, M-Modules are used to process digital and analog signals. They are attached to the carrier board, where they communicate via a dedicated bus. One of the main advantages of M-Modules is that they can be used in a fully modular way. This enables you to equip your Xpack4 system exactly as needed so that it only offers the functions you actually require.

The different M-Modules available offer a diverse range of options. For example, you can choose between M-Modules for cases of applications such as the processing of analog/digital I/O signals and complex application scenarios like CAN FD or intelligent wheel speed sensors. We also provide FPGA development services to expand the existing product portfolio according to your individual needs.

Communication interfaces

We offer all automotive communication interfaces, from CAN (FD), LIN, FlexRay and Ethercat up to SPI, PSI5 and Automotive Ethernet.

CPU boards

The CPU board determines the performance of your Xpack4 system. As with M-Modules, you can choose between hardware of varying levels of performance to suit the application at hand. Our CPU boards are compatible with all CarMaker/RealtimeMaker routines. Should your system requirements change at any time, you can use plug & play to exchange the CPU board for a different, more powerful model. This will not affect the rest of the hardware components in the Xpack4 system, which can continue to be used as before.

Xpack4 housing

Once you have compiled the right hardware for your specific application, you can select the suitable housing for it. Simply choose the format that best fits your needs. Different sizes are available for different applications – whether stationary, mobile in a vehicle, for a rack installation or as table housing in a lab – with virtually any number of M-Modules.
Our housings are fitted with ventilation systems quiet enough to allow the systems to be used in offices without drawing unwanted attention to themselves.

Carrier boards

As M-Modules are bus-independent, they can be used in many different hardware systems, such as CompactPCI (Xpack4), PXI (NI) or VMEbus systems. To use an M-Module in one of these systems, you will need a carrier board to which up to four M-Modules can be attached.
We offer suitable carrier boards for all types of housing and application. Special carrier boards are required for special functions like rear I/O.

Video Interface Box X

Tests of camera-based systems made easy through direct injection of image data. Further information about the Video Interface Box X can be found here.

Overview of our Xpack4 components

For detailed information, please click here and download the PDF file


General purpose I/O

M27: 16 binary outputs, low side switch

M28: 16 binary outputs, high side switch

M31: 16 binary inputs, load on ground

M32: 16 binary inputs, load on supply voltage

M35N00: 16 analog inputs, 14 bits, single-ended

M35N02: 8 analog inputs, 14 bits, differential

M36N00: 16 analog inputs, 16 bits, single-ended

M36N018 analog inputs, 16 bits, differential


M62N16 analog outputs

M66: 32 binary in/outputs

M8116 binary outputs

M405: LIN

M408: Universal digital and PWM input

M409: Power supply control


M413: (De)Multiplexer/Switcher

M441: Universal digital and PWM output

M-Modules for special applications

M400Active wheelspeed generator

M401-01Frequency generator and meter

M402Engine signal generator

M403Engine signal meter

M404Waveform generator

M406PSI5 interface

M407SPI interface

M411: High Speed Power Monitor and Data-Logger

M412: Park sensor simulation

M414: SENT Module with SPC Support

M440Programmable resistor


CPU & carrier boards


F23P00: Dual-Core Celeron Single Board Computer for 19" and RoadBox

F23P01: Quad-Core i7 Single Board Computer for 19" and RoadBox

Carrier Boards

F1001: cPCI Carrier Board for 1 M-Module (for e.g. NI Systems)

D1000: cPCI Carrier Board for 4 M-Modules (for 19" Subrack)

F205: Carrier Board (for e.g. RoadBox)

F213: PMC Carrier Board (for e.g. FlexCard for 19" Subrack and RoadBox)


Xpack4 housing & equipment

Xpack4 housing

Subrack 5: 19" subrack, 5 slots for 6U cPCI boards, height 3U

Subrack 8: 19" subrack, 8 slots for 6U cPCI boards, height 4U

Subrack 14: 19" subrack, 14 slots for 6U cPCI boards, height 8U

RoadBox: Compact chassis, 7 slots for 3U cPCI boards, height 4U


Communication interfaces


FlexCard PMC II

Caromee FlexRay-Monitoring




M405: LIN

M406PSI5 interface

M407SPI interface