Fail Safe Tester: Controlled and reproducible simulation of electrical faults

The Fail Safe Tester serves to simulate electrical faults, such as broken cables or corroded plug connectors, in a controlled and reproducible way and allows users to observe the behavior of the device under test. The Fail Safe Tester is capable of changing the signal paths between the control unit and periphery in different ways and combinations.

The Fail Safe Tester is connected between the HIL system and the device under test. If required, you can cascade several Fail Safe Testers to manage up to 160 channels. The Fail Safe Tester can also be equipped with different cards, such as the programmable resistor card.

In combination with our turnkey test systems as well as our integration and test platforms CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker, all faults can be controlled by maneuvers and fed into the HIL system synchronously in real-time.

Overview of our Fail Safe Tester components

For detailed information, please click here and download the PDF file:

CC: Controller card

SRC: Standard relay card

HCRC: High current relais card

PRC: Programmable resistor card

HVC: High voltage card

FST-CH: Fail Safe Tester chassis (19'' or for desktop applications)