Simulation services: We take on your project and deliver finished results

There is not always enough time to complete every task yourself, or perhaps the required infrastructure is not available. In these cases it is useful to outsource specialist tasks – for example to us. Benefit from our professional support for your research and development projects.

We would be happy to carry out a self-contained project for you – whether developing and implementing driving maneuver catalogs in CarMaker or integrating your component and controller models into the simulation environment. Would you like us to take over and analyze the subsequent simulation for you? We would be glad to provide this service. In short: We can take on entire projects for you or assist you in individual tasks.

As experienced simulation specialists, we naturally work on your project with your individual requirements in mind. From office solutions to test bench projects, we carry out your projects quickly and effectively and present you the results, thus allowing you to implement your project swiftly in an easy and comfortable manner.

Do you have an issue that you would like to analyze by using a virtual benchmark? We are looking forward to taking this on and can implement your benchmark to ensure you achieve your objectives.

Overview of our services:

Overview of our simulation services

We can provide support in a variety of ways. Read on to find out how we can facilitate the development process for you.

Compiling customized test catalogs and Test Ware Packages

Creating and adapting test runs are tasks our simulation specialists complete each and every day. From complicated maneuver definitions and building road networks (including on the basis of real-world models) to supplementing test runs with static or dynamic traffic objects and adapting the driver model to your measuring data – our specialist knowledge means we are best placed to implement your test cases.

Our experts can also take over the tasks of defining and implementing entire maneuver and test catalogs for you. Using the Test Ware Designer and Test Configurator, we create and scale your test cases as well as entire Test Ware Packages in CarMaker. Your own parameters and criteria are also taken into account in the Test Manager.

We would be happy to assist in implementing your automated tests and then putting them into operation. For the automation, scripts are used to select test environments, prepare tests, vary parameters and evaluate simulation results. We can also adapt test reports and present the results according to your requirements. Would you also like to be able to use your simulation environment for future projects? We will make sure that all you have to do is click on "start" to get going.

Reach for the stars: Test Ware Euro NCAP

Euro NCAP is dedicated to increasing the safety on public roads with standardized tests for ADAS that are designed to assess the safety of new cars. The rating is star-based: If a car meets the highest standards of safety, it will earn a rating of five stars.

With the Test Ware Package Euro NCAP, we offer you a fully operational package for the Test Configurator enabling you to test ADAS according to the Euro NCAP protocols. The package comprises 15 tests with over 130 variations for functions from the five so-called groups AEB City, AEB Pedestrian, AEB Interurban, Speed Assist Systems and Lane Support Systems. The Test Ware Package allows for the fast implementation of the standardized Euro NCAP tests and an automated analysis. This includes the calculation of the prescribed assessment variables and the expected Euro NCAP star rating. The rigid definitions of the test requirements that apply on the proving ground can be flexibly modified in the simulation for a quick change of test patterns, for instance. Via signal mapping, the configuration of the test catalog can easily be adapted for use on different test systems.

In addition, the Test Ware Package comprises examples of future scenarios such as those that belong to the group of AEB VRU Cyclist tests. As part of upcoming updates to the Test Ware Package, we are planning on integrating extensions for new protocols which Euro NCAP has laid out for 2018 and 2020. We are happy to implement the Test Ware Package Euro NCAP at your site as part of our Engineering Services.

Developing and integrating models

Looking to have a special vehicle suspension system modelled or to integrate your controller into CarMaker? We would be glad to provide this service for you, both for (semi)active chassis control systems, components from the powertrain area or controllers for ADAS.

The CarMaker product family offers a range of model integration options – we will work with you to find an efficient solution for your application.

Developing additional software modules

To expand our product features, we develop additional software modules for you, such as to supplement visualization in IPGMovie or test monitoring in Instruments. These software modules can be directly integrated into the graphical user interface of CarMaker products. We will create your simulation environment according to your requirements, taking care to ensure ease of use.

Have you already opted to use established tools from other manufacturers in the development process? In this case, we would be happy to communicate with the third-party hardware or software suppliers or set up their remote control for you.

Route export from maps and scenario generation

Do you have a defined test route you usually use for testing, and would now like to reproduce, modify or even vary the recorded test runs in the simulation?

We can help you to export and prepare the real course of the road, including traffic signs and speed limits, from map data. It is also possible to convert road definitions from other formats into ROAD5 format.

Did the test drive not run as you wanted or are you interested in testing your controller in variations of an actually experienced scenario? Failed and identified tests only represent one single environmental situation. Our scenario generation method based on real-world measuring data allows you to build roads and test runs from measuring data and vary parameters to validate your entire system.

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Media type: PresentationDate: 01.01.2016 Language: EnglishFile format: PDFSize: 1.98 MB

Road data generation: CarMaker and Ibeo (Apply & Innovate 2016)

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Road data generation: CarMaker and Atlatec (Apply & Innovate 2016)

mapping system3D reconstructionreal world scenariosADAS
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Scenario generation: CarMaker at 3D Mapping (Apply & Innovate 2014)

high-end digitalizationMoSESlaser scanner data 3D-Mapping
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Scenario generation: CarMaker at FZI (Apply & Innovate 2014)


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