Consulting: From advice to improved efficiency and an optimized development process

With the megatrend of autonomous driving and the increasing networking of systems, the vehicle development process is also transforming in order to meet new challenges. The question is how vehicle development can be conducted in a sustainable way. We are certain that the solution to these new challenges lies in greater reliance on simulation and model-based development. According to the automotive systems engineering approach, systems should be tested in the context of the whole vehicle. Simulation solutions make this possible from an early stage. This front-loading approach accelerates the development process, while the use of virtual solutions simplifies cooperation between manufacturers and suppliers.

As a development partner, we have an excellent overview of our clients’ activities. We also have many years of experience in implementing simulation projects, making us experts in the field of simulation. This gives us insights into how simulation influences approaches to development and how development can be made more agile. And we know that virtual test driving boosts efficiency – replacing real prototypes with virtual prototypes saves costs and time in the development process.

As specialists in virtual test driving, we can provide you with tailored advice. How can you use simulation and how can we work together to optimize your development process? Our goal is to ensure that you get the most out of virtual test driving.