Building virtual prototypes: We create your whole virtual vehicle

In order to establish virtual test driving as part of your development process, you need a virtual vehicle. We would be happy to assist you in building and validating a virtual prototype. The CarMaker product family makes it easy to carry out vehicle parameterization and validation.

An accurate model of reality is obtained by creating a virtual prototype based on real construction data. We would be happy to help you identify the best possible data to use or export this data out of other simulation and design programs and integrate it into CarMaker.

Measuring the real vehicle is another way of obtaining the required data – for this, component and vehicle measurements are taken according to our stipulated measuring procedures in order to parameterize the virtual prototype. IPG Automotive works with partner companies to accomplish this. Once we have created a virtual prototype from all required data, the prototype is validated in numerous tests – leaving you safe in the knowledge that your virtual vehicle is a 1:1 replica of your real vehicle.

On request, we would also be happy to integrate the systems to be tested into your virtual prototype regardless of whether these systems are software models or real components. If you would like us to expand your virtual prototype to include real components, we can build a turnkey test bench or supplement your existing test bench.

No matter which solution you choose, we will ensure that virtual prototypes can be used throughout the entire development process.

Overview of our services:

  • Testing available data provided by our clients
  • Defining and coordinating required component and vehicle measurements; commissioning IPG Automotive partners if necessary
  • Carrying out model parameterization
  • Developing and integrating models
  • Validating the vehicle model

The properties of the virtual prototype correspond to the real prototype.

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Brochure Virtual Prototypes

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Virtual prototypes: CarMaker on NI at PSA (Apply & Innovate 2016)

hardware-in-the-loopNI HIL platformvirtual prototype
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Virtual prototypes: Model management at Opel (Apply & Innovate 2016)

virtual prototypevehicle data setOpel
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Virtual prototypes: CarMaker at JLR (Apply & Innovate 2016)

keynotevehicle dynamicsJLR
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Validation of virtual prototypes: CarMaker at SI (Apply & Innovate 2012)

model validationCarMaker

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