Scenario Generation

Realistic Scenarios in Virtual Test Driving

The efficiency of the entire vehicle development process can be enhanced significantly by using realistic scenarios in virtual test driving. But how are these test scenarios generated in a fast and efficient manner? There are different options of scenario generation depending on the individual case of application:

  • Manual definition and configuration of generic scenarios
  • Import of road networks including infrastructure from map data such as ADAS RP by HERE with subsequent additions to complete the scenario
  • Measurements of the real-world environment with a complete transfer of the recorded data into the virtual scenarios

The purely manual creation of scenarios for virtual test driving has the advantages of high flexibility as well as a low initial investment. Complex traffic situations can thus be created precisely without further expenditures for the generation of test scenarios that are both generic as well as realistic. With the Scenario Editor in our upcoming major release of the CarMaker product family, we offer our clients an innovative tool that features a range of functions for quick scenario generation. The focus will be on the easy definition of road networks and the comfortable configuration of scenarios with static and dynamic objects. Due to an emphasis on user-friendliness and comprehensibility, changes to the scenario are supported by graphics.

The integration of not merely realistic but real-world road networks into scenarios can be achieved using a variety of methods, allowing you to transfer real-world environments into simulation scenarios. For instance, you have the option of relying on the approach you are already familiar with using the ADAS RP interface. This enables you to export road networks in ROAD5 format from HERE maps including traffic signs, road markings as well as traffic lights. In the CarMaker simulation environment, you can subsequently add road users and static objects such as buildings or vegetation.

With our partners 3D Mapping Solutions, atlatec and Ibeo Automotive Systems, we offer further options of taking real-world traffic scenarios into the simulated environment, allowing you to model reality even more accurately. Thanks to the modular measurement technology by 3D Mapping Solutions, broad and detailed road networks can be recorded, including the condition of the roads. These measuring data can be exported in ROAD5 format to be used in our open integration and test platform. The mobile mapping system by atlatec offers another option of recording real-world road networks for use with our CarMaker product family.

Based on a method developed in cooperation with Ibeo Automotive Systems, road networks – exported from ADAS RP or measured using the aforementioned tools – can be enhanced by dynamic traffic objects such as vehicles or pedestrians.

Here, laser scanner data recorded during real-world driving is post-processed and automatically integrated into the simulation environment. In addition to real-world road networks, real road users as well as their movement patterns are thus available as the ideal basis for virtual testing of advanced driver assistance systems and highly automated driving functions.  

Our three different approaches to scenario generation support you in achieving a higher level of functional safety and an increase in savings on both time and costs. You have the choice between different levels of detail depending on your individual requirements. Scenario generation in virtual test driving thus enables you to experience driving functions in the context of the whole vehicle with consideration of the environment at an early stage of development – even before real prototypes are available.