Newsletter October 2019 ()

Test Ware Package NCAP

Reach for the stars with NCAP tests

With new additions, the Test Ware Package NCAP now incorporates 23 tests with more than 300 variations of Euro NCAP 2020 as well as 8 tests for the Chinese NCAP standards (C-NCAP).

The tests of both European and Chinese NCAP standards in the active safety field are divided into several groups: 

  • Euro NCAP:
    Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) Car-to-Car, AEB Vulnerable Road User (VRU) Pedestrian, AEB VRU Cyclist, Lane Support System (LSS) and Speed Assist Systems (SAS).
  • C-NCAP:
    AEB VRU Pedestrian and AEB Car-to-Car

For a rapid analysis of the results, the evaluations for the star rating are included as well.

What’s new in the Euro NCAP 2020 standards is the description of collision tests in intersections. It has been possible to define paths in intersections since the CarMaker product family release 8.0. With the help of this feature, the required trajectories for turns are set.

The CarMaker product family offers extensive functionalities for test automation and makes it easy to run test series in parallel execution mode on a multi-core PC or HPC systems. 3D models for a variety of traffic objects such as motorcycles, e-bikes or electric scooters are included as well. This lays the groundwork for future NCAP tests already today as well as the efficient performance of user-specific variations of the standardized test descriptions.