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Simulation and Education

SimulOscar 2017 Award for Outstanding Research Projects

This year, the SimulOscar award ceremony was held for the third time. Students from all German universities were invited to submit their projects in the field of vehicle development which were carried out with virtual development tools. The competition emphasizes the increasing importance of virtual testing as well as the connection of science and industry.

With a project on the subject “Development of a traction control strategy for an electric all-wheel-driven vehicle”, the student Andreas Hummler won first place in the SimulOscar 2017 competition. The second and third-place winners also focused on highly topical issues. Alexander Fen came in second with his Master’s thesis entitled “Simulative evaluation of key performance indicators of a traffic jam assist for hybrid electric vehicles”. Third place went to the student Berker Çolak for his final thesis “Objective evaluation of a power steering system using wheel-selective drives”.

The awards were presented by the expert panel formed by Dr. Alexander Heintzel (Springer Nature), Dr.-Ing. Michael Frey (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) und Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Schmidt (IPG Automotive). A total of 1500 euros in prize money was awarded to the winners as well as a subscription to the specialist magazines ATZ or MTZ.

The SimulOscar award particularly acknowledges the innovative value and the scientific quality of the three projects as well as all three students’ focus on exciting and industry-relevant topics. We congratulate the winners and thank all contestants of the SimulOscar 2017. The award will be presented again in 2018.

All information on the competition are provided here.

The proud winners of the SimulOscar 2017: Berker Çolak, Andreas Hummler and Alexander Fen.