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Release 7.0: Explore new features in May

As a solution provider for virtual test driving, we support your virtual vehicle development. This year, we have again added many new features for you as part of the new release of the CarMaker product family. Here we have gathered a few of the highlights and applications – and there is definitely just the right thing for you as well:

  • CarMaker goes HPC: We have opened up the possibility of using CarMaker on high-performance computing (HPC) clusters. This allows you to benefit from an increase in computing power for the simultaneous completion of a very high number of tests. We also made sure that you can get started out-of-the-box with HPC light.
  • From ideal to physically correct: Draw on our updated sensor model classes. They enable you to use our radar sensor models from an ideal sensor up to sensor development with the Radar RSI for the development and testing of your advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving functions.
  • Enhanced Scenario Editor: The possibilities are endless. Use ramps, change your intersections later on, or define different textures for each lane – for a streamlined generation of scenarios.
  • Interface for ROS middleware: Full speed ahead for automated driving! You can now use the widely used middleware solution together with CarMaker.
  • ISO Lane Change driver model: The extended driver model allows you to improve the predictability of your test results.
  • Even more realism: Thanks to the intuitive usability of the driver model, you now also have the option to use the additional real driver model for nervous and energy-efficient driving.
  • New test bed interface: The integration of CarMaker on powertrain test beds has never been easier. We have opened up new possibilities of using CarMaker for powertrain development.
  • New add-on: Use the RDX Test Generator for a straightforward generation of real driving test scenarios. This allows you to evaluate emissions and consumption during real operation already in virtual test driving.
  • More options for powertrain development: Use the route-based speed profile and parameterization by means of the powertrain configurator.
  • NVIDIA DRIVE PX2 link to CarMaker: Together with the ROS interface, this solution enables you to profit from powerful hardware and software for the development of automated driving functions.
  • HIL tests reloaded: Improve the configuration of your Xpack4 system with the new I/O configurator for FlexRay.
  • Optimized view and control options in IPGControl: You can now fully control our tool with a mouse. Other advantages are the comparability of several signals as well as the readability of numerous values. See for yourself!
  • Expanded 3-D model library: You want your virtual scenarios to be as realistic as possible? No problem! We do not only offer new 3-D objects but also new and improved textures, a materials database for detailed sensor simulation and much more.

No matter in which field, we support your development and testing of advanced driver assistance systems und automated driving functions, powertrains, safety and comfort systems, and much more. The release 7.0 has many new possibilities in store for you – get started now! You have questions about the release? Get in touch with us!

You are interesting in in-depth information about CarMaker? Read more about the existing functionalities on our product page.

The release 7.0 offers many new features that will bring many benefits for your development process.