Newsletter June 2021 ()

IPG Automotive UK Ltd. and StreetDrone form a technology partnership to speed up the development of autonomous vehicles

For autonomous technology developers, real-world testing is an essential, but time and resource-consuming part of the development and validation cycle. To capture edge-cases with entirely real-world testing, many thousands of kilometers and scenarios would have to be completed. The cooperation unites StreetDrone’s autonomous technologies and IPG Automotive’s simulation software to make getting connected autonomous vehicles on the road easier, faster and safer.

CarMaker allows to build extremely complex scenarios quickly as well as to simulate the autonomous vehicle control system including the vehicle’s kinematic and dynamic behavior and sensors in a virtual prototype. The replication of the real-world StreetDrone e-NV200 vehicle’s behavior to the digital twin is enabled via an interface. Within the simulated environment it is possible to test varying hazards including pedestrians, adverse weather and complex junctions safely without having to reproduce them in the real word. This allows for a robust and safe autonomous vehicle stack. The ability to quickly repeat and optimize scenarios without using many physical assets means lower testing costs, improved safety of tests and importantly accelerated development cycles.

The development of the software-in-the-loop environment started in December 2020 and the final vehicle-in-the-loop correlation testing and demonstrations ended in March 2021. The cooperation continues as this is an ongoing project which adds more dynamic scenarios, virtual worlds, sensors and simulated vehicles to fit a variety of use cases.

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