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Expanded Scenario Editor for detailed test scenarios

Along with the release 6.0 of the CarMaker product family this spring, the Scenario Editor was implemented as a powerful tool for the fast and efficient generation of realistic scenarios for virtual test driving.

Depending on each individual use case, the Scenario Editor enables the virtual generation of scenarios with different levels of detailing. This not only facilitates the manual creation and configuration of generic scenarios but also simplifies editing real roads imported from map or measurement data.

The range of functions for the purely manual, quick generation of scenarios has now been expanded with the release 6.0.3.

New functions for intersections

The new road segment “Ramp” offers the opportunity to generate even more realistic traffic situations and thus test scenarios. In addition, the process of adding, removing, or rearranging connecting elements at intersections and junctions has been streamlined. Users can remove and reconnect roads connected to arms of junctions as desired.

Improved view offers new possibilities

Starting from the release 6.0.3, geometry objects in the Scenario Editor are no longer displayed as simple colored boxes but in a detailed top view. In addition to the familiar view, an additional wireframe mode was introduced which enables users to examine aspects of their scenarios which are hidden in the standard top view, such as the details of the modeled road surface.

Using the range of approaches to scenario generation which the CarMaker product family offers, the vehicle’s surroundings can be generated in a short time and at low cost. This allows for driving functions to be tested efficiently at an early stage in the context of the whole vehicle while taking the environment into account – even without real prototypes.

Creating complex test scenarios with just a few clicks – now with more ease and variety thanks to our tool Scenario Editor.