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Different hardware platforms? No problem at all for CarMaker

Virtual test driving on Scalexio etc.

The use of virtual development methods is indispensable for a modern and efficient development process. Tests that are reproducible and above all automatable can thus be transferred from the real to the virtual world.

Solid software and hardware are essential for virtual test driving

The openness of our integration and test platforms CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker as well as their real-time capability are the key to our users’ success in virtual testing. It is the openness which allows them to use the CarMaker product family in their processes with already existing software and hardware components. If you use CarMaker, you can probably name a number of examples offhand. In the field of software, for instance, you can integrate your own components via an interface such as the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) or use the software CarMaker with other tools such as traffic flow simulations. But CarMaker is not only suited for use on a PC, it also runs on hardware-in-the-loop systems.

CarMaker/HIL: real-time capability and system openness

CarMaker is used for sophisticated tests of real components in a HIL environment. Functions to be developed can thus be tested early on in the context of the whole vehicle. In order to offer our users a broad range of applications, we have focused on openness in this field. Users have so far already profited from CarMaker on a variety of real-time platforms:

  • Xpack4 by IPG Automotive
  • NI Veristand
  • dSPACE DS1006
  • dSPACE Scalexio
  • ETAS Labcar

CarMaker on Scalexio

Of course, all hardware platforms listed are still supported. In the release 6.0, the system Scalexio was added to the list, allowing you to integrate the advantages of virtual testing with CarMaker into yet another existing tool landscape. So there is no reason why you shouldn’t benefit from seamless testing with virtual test driving throughout your development process.