Newsletter June 2021 ()

Cooperation and joint development of methods for virtual full vehicle validation at the TU Dresden

In cooperation with Auto Mobil Forschung Dresden (AMFD GmbH), IPG Automotive contributes to the upgrade of test benches to a hardware-in-the-loop system at the Dresden University of Technology. The seamless parameterization process (the so called “Parametrierstraße”) at the chair of automobile engineering (LKT) of the TU Dresden is geared towards the vehicle development process and has therefore proven to be particularly effective.

The core of the upgrade is the Xpack4 system. The powerful, flexible and modular real-time hardware platform allows to analyze, optimize and validate methods and vehicle simulation models developed at the chair in combination with a real unit under test. It provides the basis for development of new testing methods and approaches that are intended to contribute to solving challenges such as validation of automated driving functions or over-the-air (OTA) software updates. Functional interactions, for example between driver model and vehicle dynamics or ride comfort, as well can be validated efficiently on system level in the front-loading process.

The AMFD GmbH is a company of the LKT that provides scientific bases for vehicle engineering at the TU Dresden.