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Test Manager 5.1

Your Tool for Automated Tests

With the 5.1 release of our CarMaker product family, you'll benefit from a wide range of new functionalities for an efficient vehicle development process. Our optimized test concept lets us offer you even more targeted support, especially in the area of test management and test automation. The Test Manager of our simulation solutions CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker, as well as the new integrated tools TestWare Designer and Test Configurator, allow you to define test templates and use them to generate entire test series. Even comprehensive maneuver catalogs can be developed quickly and easily.

The Test Manager of the CarMaker product family ensures a stable, automated testing process that can be implemented across the areas of Model-, Software-, Hardware- and Vehicle-in-the-Loop – no programming knowledge required. In addition, it offers a wide variety of functions to support you in managing test maneuvers. For test automation, you can access all available commands, models, parameters, variables and data and automatically save the results in a report document once the test has been completed. These reports can be connected at any time to a requirements management tool. With the current release, the report function was further improved, allowing you now, along with the option of adding diagrams, to generate reports for individual components of your test series or integrate any image data and improving the control and presentation of your test results.

Version 5.1 makes it possible to choose, depending on individual requirements, between creating and configuring tests, which is realized by the TestWare Designer and the Test Configurator respectively. The TestWare Designer ensures the user-friendly definition of tests with a diverse range of variants. Test configurations in comprehensive, complex driving maneuver catalogs – so-called TestWare packages – can be created, edited and called up as needed without issue. On the contrary, the Test Configurator allows you with the new parameter assistant to define ongoing parameters quickly and easily. Test intervals can now be defined using exact start and end values in combination with a designated step size or total number of steps. Along with the time-tested standard mode, in which each variation is set up in a single column, the 5.1 release also offers a combined mode, which makes it possible to define all parameter combinations without entering each one separately. An exclusion filter can be applied to exclude invalid combinations or reduce the number of variations in the test series in advance. Thus, users with a basic expertise are also enabled to compile the necessary results for their test analysis.

The 5.1 release also features a range of other innovations, such as an additional programming interface, which enables the use of scripts for controlling the Test Manager remotely. As a result, defining and managing test series via external tools, such as requirements management and DoE tools made by other manufacturers, runs much more smoothly. These and other features of the Test Manager make managing automated tests quick and easy, ensuring efficient processes in every phase of development.

CarMaker 5.1 enables both creating and configuring tests, which is realized by the TestWare Designer and the Test Configurator.