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From Road to Rig

Testing on the Test Bench under Real-World Conditions

In a joint project with the test bench manufacturer KS Engineers, we have connected CarMaker to a KS test bench system for powertrain development. This coupling offers you another innovative solution for shifting real-world test runs to the test bench, making reproducible and automated development and testing under real-world conditions possible.

Current developments have the automotive industry facing new challenges that make reproducible testing under real-world and extreme conditions imperative. These developments include the growing diversity of propulsion systems, the increasing number of vehicle variants, more thorough system integration and last but not least, new legal frameworks regarding real driving emissions and energy consumption. Consistently considering the overall system throughout the entire development process is the only way to meet these demands in an efficient and cost-effective manner. With virtual test driving, we can offer you optimal support as you navigate these challenges. Virtual test driving can be implemented at any point in the development process and ensures the necessary reproducibility and flexibility.

Combining the advantages of simulation and real-world test driving

KS Engineers' innovative KS-R2R test bench (Road to Rig) for powertrain development has undergone several years of continuous development. With the new interface that connects this system to the CarMaker simulation software, you can profit from the advantages of both simulation and real-world test driving. The test bench allows you to accurately emulate the load conditions with respect to wheel speed and shaft torque in all driving situations, including slow mountain ascents, jackrabbit starts, driving across ice and ABS braking.

The connection to CarMaker makes it possible to use all of the functions of the simulation software, such as route, driver and vehicle dynamics simulation, for the modeling of real test runs directly on the test bench. Employing a patented control method, a highly dynamic servo loop with a control frequency of 10 kHz and direct integration of the power converter, realistic emulation of the driving condition computed in CarMaker is guaranteed.

A sustainable solution for efficient processes

By using the methods of model-based testing through the combination of simulation and real-world test driving, we can offer you a flexible development and testing environment for current and future generations of vehicles – you can even simulate functions that are based on the interaction between the vehicle and the environment.  Through our collaboration with KS Engineers, we have thus developed a joint, sustainable solution, which will help you structure your powertrain development processes efficiently, despite the increasing requirements.