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Automate Your Tests with Us!

Product information

Do you remember our last newsletter, in which we presented various possibilities of generating scenarios and our partners that help us accomplish this? Then, we focused on the generation of roads for simulation. Today, we would like to show you how you can complete your scenarios and employ them in test runs, which can then be used to generate entire test series for automated testing. And the best part is that we can complete these tasks for you as part of our Engineering Services: You can rely on our expert knowledge because we also apply our products within the scope of our Engineering Services – and no one is more involved in the development of our products than our own engineers. You profit from the best possible know-how and save a considerable amount of time.

For a complete test run, you require road data as well as descriptions for the movements of your vehicle as well as those of other road users. This is part of our simulation specialists’ day-to-day business: they configure complex maneuvers, export road data and add static and dynamic traffic objects – we assist you in transferring your ideas into test runs. We also offer support for test automation. With our Test Configurator, test cases can be defined and scaled in our simulation software and whole Test Ware Packages can be implemented. Creating, retrieving and editing test configurations in comprehensive and complex driving maneuver catalogs is thus possible without any problems. As a result, concepts that start on paper become complete test series with clearly defined test runs.

We prepare scripts to ensure that your tests are optimally prepared and analyzed during pre- and post-processing. The resulting scripts can be applied and reapplied at all times starting from the MIL phase, ensuring the continuous use of identical test series throughout the entire development process. Last but not least, we help you integrate our solution that is based on the CarMaker product family into your existing development and testing environment, enabling you to continue using your already established solution from test specification up to analysis – including managing the results and remotely controlling the simulation solution.

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