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皆様のご期待に添える様、今回のApply & Innovateでも、提出された数多くの講演の中から、多彩で魅力的なプログラムを選んでまとめました。今回・2020年の特徴は、皆様がお好きな講演を、オンデマンドで、何度でも、視聴できることです。


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Autonomous Vehicles

Sensing the Environment

Radar Simulation with CarMaker 9 - Virtual validation of radar software components during the development processMagna ElectronicsMax Germer
Synthetic LiDAR Data Generation Using CarMaker Free Space Sensor PlusValeo Schalter und Sensoren GmbHDr. Ivan Stepanov
Application of CarMaker HiL with a ZF AD System Sensor Set on a NI Hardware-in-the-Loop Test-Rig for Validation PurposesZukunft Mobility GmbH (a company of ZF)Christoph Funda
Over-the-Air Real-time Automotive Radar HIL with CarMaker for ADAS and AD ValidationsUniquesec AB and Toyota Motor EuropeKasra Haghighi (Uniquesec)
Developing an Object and Event Detection and Recognition Module for Autonomous Vehicles Using SimulatorsIndian Institute of Technology IndoreSouvik Mandal and Nikhil Tatavarthy Venkat

From Validation to Homologation

Which Scenarios Need to Be Tested to Ensure Automated Driving Safety and Why? - A new methodology applying a coupled traffic and vehicle dynamics simulationOpel Automobile GmbH (Groupe PSA)Nico Weber
Virtual Validation of AD With Physical Multi Sensor Simulation in Closed Loop Environments - Integration of CarMaker in IAV AD platformIAV GmbHChristian Heiduschke
HARRI Use-Case with CarMaker - Virtual Environment for Bertrandt’s Automotive Engineering PlatformBertrandt Ingenieurbüro Köln GmbHBennet Gedan
Real Data-Based Validation of Highly Automated Driving Functions Using Simulation MethodsKarlsruhe Institut of Technology (KIT)Raphael Pfeffer
Accelerating Virtual Validation for Automated Vehicles Using Data-Driven OptimizationCavPoint Ltd.Eric Chan
Homologation of Automated Driving Functions - Worldwide overview, current challenges and strategic aspectsTÜV SüdEmmeram Klotz

Connected Vehicles and Platooning

Closed Loop Connected Autonomous Vehicle Data Logging and Perception Testing Using High Fidelity Synthetic EnvironmentsNational Instruments and WMG, University of WarwickAshish Naik (NI) and Dr. Jakobus Groenewald (WMG)
V2X Day 1 Use Case Testing with CarMakerS.E.A. Datentechnik GmbHDr. Gerd Schmitz
Ford F-Max Platooning Project - Validations of high level, low level and lateral control with TruckMakerFord OTOSANGüliz Kıvançlı

Virtual Prototypes

Virtual Prototypes

Traceability of Virtual Prototype Quality - An application to ensure integrity of virtual prototypes throughout the lifecycleOpel Automobile GmbH (Groupe PSA)Dirk Frerichs


Validation and Testing

Auto – Trailer Parking Project & HIL Studies - Validations of path planning and path following algorithms with TruckMakerFord OTOSAN Güliz Kıvançlı
CarMaker and CAD Data Merged in Virtual Reality - Immersive test-driving of concept ideas made easyTechVizAlexis Vartanian


Real Driving Emissions

RDE-test Matrix on an Engine Testbed with Virtual Components - Model-based testing in the engine developmentAudi AGJochen Petters
RDE Plus – A Road to Rig Development Methodology for Whole Vehicle - RDE Compliance: Engine-in-the-Loop and Virtual ToolsHORIBA MIRA Ltd.Dr. Phil Roberts
The Robot Driver in a Co-Simulated Test Environment: Supporting Integrated Development Processes in the Field of Real Driving EmissionsTechnical University of DarmstadtHenning Nies

Electric Vehicles - Development and Battery Simulation

Rimac C_Two - Development and Optimization of an Electric Hypercar PowertrainRimac Automobili d.o.o.Gerhard Vosloo
Fast-Charging of Lithium-Ion-Batteries in Practice - A way to get it done!Batemo GmbHDr. Jan Richter

Durability Testing and NVH

The Creation of Virtual Duty Cycles for the Assessment of Transmission Durability - Using CarMaker to Perform Virtual Road Load Data CollectionChangan UK R&D CentreDr. Andrew Lockyer
Evaluation of Hybrid Powertrain Control Strategy in an NVH Simulator - Experience sound and vibration of a virtual prototypeHEAD acoustics GmbHDr. Bernd Philippen

Vehicle Dynamics

Driving Dynamics and Ride Comfort

Ride Comfort Simulation in CarMaker - Development of a test procedure to support vehicle testing by real-time capable virtual methodsHyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH and University of Applied Sciences Bingen Thana Seelaraj Baiskaran (University Bingen)
Process Reliable Parameterization of Total Vehicle Models for Driving Dynamics and Ride Comfort - A presentation of a complete parameterization line using effective simulation methods and capable test rigsAMFD Auto Mobil Forschung Dresden GmbH Dr. Stefan Bender
Effects of Tire Wear on Motorcycle DynamicSoluzioni Ingegneria srlDr. Marco E. Pezzola

Mechatronic Systems

Requirements Determination from the Vehicle Level to the System Level of Mechatronic Actuators - A Tier-1 Approach to Model Based System DevelopmentSchaeffler Technologies AG & Co.KG Dr. Hellmar Rockel, Markus Stobitzer, Rabie Ait Ahmed Ouali
Fitting ESP Hydraulic Parameters Using CarMaker for Simulink and Optimization Algorithm - The development of an optimization methodology to correlate the ESP Hydraulic Unit model of CarMakerApplus IDIADA and Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbHJavier Catalan (Applus IDIADA) and Alessandro Contini (Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH)
Potential of Vehicle Dynamics Control Systems to Laterally Control a Vehicle in Case of a Steering System FailureBertrandt Ingenieurbüro Köln GmbHPeter Lenz

Data Sources and Generation of Virtual Scenarios

Data Sources and Generation of Virtual Scenarios

Deterministic Stress Testing Method for Generation of Critical ScenariosGraz University of TechnologyDemin Nalic
Real World Accident Scenario Simulation with CarMaker - On the importance of detailed pre-crash-scenariosVerkehrsunfallforschung an der TU Dresden GmbHAngela Schubert and Marcus Petzold
Precise Worldwide Ultra HD Map Data Collection for Carmaker as Basis for Virtual Testing and Simulation3D Mapping Solutions GmbHDr. Gunnar Gräfe
Edge Case Hunting in Scenario Based Virtual Validation of AVsatlatec GmbHDr. Henning Lategahn

Centralized Simulation Data Management