Steering: Finely tuned for an optimal driving experience

Steering is not only a significant factor in driving experience, it also plays an increasingly important role in the purchasing decisions of potential customers. Good steering performance ensures that the driver feels safe and comfortable, while also enjoying the drive. Each OEM focuses on different aspects when tuning steering systems, making steering an important part of individual vehicle DNA. 

In order to achieve the desired steering feel, the steering system is typically adjusted using a physical prototype. Our simulation solutions allow you to use virtual prototypes as a complement for early


maneuver-based testing and optimization as well as the release of the steering system within the context of a whole virtual vehicle.

Along with braking, steering plays an important role in the pursuit of autonomous driving. Advanced driver assistance systems such as lane keeping assist systems intervene in steering, meaning that newly developed steering systems are becoming increasingly networked. Here too, you can benefit from the use of virtual prototypes, which allow you to test the steering system at an early stage and in conjunction with other systems.

Steering variants

A solution for every steering variant

Electric power steering (EPS), active front steering (AFS), rear axle steering or integral steering – there are many different types of steering. But regardless of which steering variant you use, our solutions will support you throughout the development process.

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We offer you solutions for all stages of mechanical and functional development – from the control device to the entire mechatronic system. Interested in integrating additional components and need a chassis integration test bench? We can expand our test benches and integrate additional systems such as ESC, active dampers (CDC) or air springs into the turnkey test system upon request.

Here is how we can support you:


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Steering feel adjustment

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Adjusting the steering behavior and achieving the intended steering feel

Before steering feel can be adjusted, objective assessment criteria must be defined. Target curves are used to specify how the steering should behave during particular maneuvers in the context of the whole vehicle. Specifying assessment criteria is important for the subsequent characterization and assessment of steering performance.

In line with our automotive systems engineering approach, it is essential that the steering system be tested as part of the whole vehicle. Therefore our simulation solutions offer you the option of characterizing your steering system within the context of the whole virtual vehicle. 

By applying the steering control device, steering behavior can be adjusted and optimized to more closely reflect the target curve, regardless of whether the goal is to meet your own targets or surpass a competitor’s performance.

Interested in measuring yourself against a competitor? We can make this possible with virtual benchmarking.