Andrei Aksjonov氏に聞く

Andrei Aksjonov gives insights into his work on drive distraction detection and evaluation using computational intelligence algorithms at ŠKODA. A collaborative research project with IPG Automotive focusing on cell phone usage as a secondary task yielded key findings for the design of human-machine interfaces in a vehicle’s cockpit.

水素のみで走るプロトタイプ車両、HOMERの開発-ミュンヘン応用科学大学 (MUAS)

Robin Nedella氏とTimo Freilinger氏に聞く

Robin Nedella and Timo Freilinger of Hydro2Motion, a student team at Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS), talk about the development of a prototype vehicle that is fully powered with hydrogen with which they competed in Shell Eco-marathon 2018 in London. To precisely analyze the vehicle’s behavior on the track and determine the optimal driving strategy, they implemented a vehicle simulation using CarMaker.

全方向運転マヌーバにおける新鋭のシャーシコンセプト カールスルーエ工科大学(KIT)

Chenlei Han氏に聞く

Chenlei Han of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) talks about a project focusing on the development of a novel chassis concept, the challenges the project team faced, and the decision to model the suspensions with wheel-individual steering systems using CarMaker.